She felt the warmth of her mommy's womb then she felt the arms of Jesus rescue her.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today was my Daddy's birthday.  He wanted my homemade spaghetti and told me to make dessert for the rest of us (as he wouldn't be having any, although he did have one bite!)  so I made the same brownie cupcake things I made for Mommy's birthday a couple of weeks ago.  Poppy came over too and we had a lovely time.  Jamie ate lots of dinner and even excused himself in the middle to go pee pee unescorted with the promise of a big cheer upon his return.  It is super weird to hear him going pee by himself.  When did he grow up?  I know its so cliche but seriously.  Usually about once a day I'll hold him like a baby and resist the incredible urge to nurse him.  I love his big boy self, but I miss my baby.  Well that means time for more babies!!!!!  (Which incidentally will be in my belly on MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)  We had fun playing football with Jamie in the living room at the end of the evening.  Daddy was excited to take home lots of left over spaghetti and salad and mommy was excited to take home leftover brownies.

I love you Daddy! You are my very own and very best Daddy.  Thank you for loving me and supporting me in all I do in life.  I know you are proud of me and that means a lot.  One of the best gifts you have ever given me is loving Jamie the way you so.  I have NEVER and I mean NEVER seen a Pop Pop as fantastic as you!  And I know Jamie loves you just as much as you love him!

Jesus, my blessings are countless.  Thank You for my Daddy.

PS Thank you Mommy for cleaning up EVERYTHING and sweeping the floors so I could have pre schoo lin the morning!  Clearly you are amazing, just like your husband! HA!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Visits with cousins

I have said it before and I'll say it again Jamie's relationship with his cousins is one of my top priorities as his mommy.  This past Sunday we had a great afternoon with Uncle Chris and Aunt Erin along with cousins Christopher and Anna.  I am so grateful to have loving relationship with my "in-laws."  I have become good friends especially with Jamie's Aunt Erin which has resulted in frequent visits to Westminster (in addition to our visits with the Whites, Wilsons and Millers.)  I love watching them play, it brings joy to my heart.  I hope they grow up to be good friends into adulthood.

And today we got to spend more time with cousins!  Aunt Gail, Aunt Sarah, Caleb, Aunt Mattie, Anabelle and Violet spent the day at our house.  It was great of course, but with some interesting 3 year old behavior which my dear cousin Mattie says is completely "normal."  My little man has quite the curiosity with "bottoms."  Our first peek into this new "hobby" of Jamie's is when it was oh so quiet in the playroom.  When Mattie asked how everyone was doing  Anabelle informed her that Jamie was tickling her bottom.  Okay, so I explained to Jamie that isn't a part that we tickle.  A while later Jamie comes upstairs holding his hand out heading to the bathroom and we notice something on his hand.  "Jamie is that chocolate?"  Well with one sniff Mattie informed us it far from chocolate.  Jamie had reached into Caleb's diaper and, well got a little surprise on his hand.
Well regardless it was super.  We shared a great day, talked about past fun and got excited about future fun.

Jesus thank You for my family, what a gift.