She felt the warmth of her mommy's womb then she felt the arms of Jesus rescue her.

Friday, July 30, 2010

The Farm Fair!!!!

Ok so I'm a wanna be farmer. Well let me correct that. I want to live on a farm where the farmer does the farming and I hang out on the farm, looking all "country" and what not!!!! I used to want a cow, a pig and some chickens. I would tell this to everyone. I even told Timmy on our first date... "Ok so I want to be a stay at home mom on a farm." Hey, he didn't have to call me back, but he did (like everyday!!!!!) So we don't live on a farm, but I am blessed to stay at home with Jamie and we can visit the farm and of course go to the FARM FAIR!!!! I love the farm fair. I find it so fascinating to look at all the farm kids that show their animals and then sleep right there next to them. Well, Jamie loves the farm fair too and he proceeded to tell everyone "I a fahmer, I a traker ridah" (I'm a farmer, I'm a tractor rider). Of course the battery died on the camera about an hour after we got there, but I still managed to get some good pics.Jamie was a bit reluctant to venture out of his stroller at first. He had never seen a cow, pig or chicken quite that close up before. (Actually he has, but doesn't remember. This is his 3rd year at the farm fair.)But then he started to warm up.Jamie also has developed a strange fear of the "cock a doodle" He will run out of an empty room saying the cock a doodle is in there. So when it was time to visit the roosters he would have none of it! He wouldn't even pet the baby duck (too fowl like I guess!)
And of course we spent plenty of time at the John Deere display.Timmy was at work, but got home at about 8pm when we proceeded to go back to the fair for a short 45 minutes. At least the lady didn't make us pay again!!!

Broom's Bloom

Or "boom boom" as Jamie calls it. We just LOVE this place! It is a dairy farm about 10 minutes from our house and they make their own ice cream and it is YUMMY! We go a lot all through out the summer. The flavors are always different. Jamie's favorite is strawberry. I find it so funny that at 2 years old he has a favorite ice cream flavor! We order our ice cream inside and then eat it outside "on the farm." There are always kids running around and Jamie usually makes a new friend or two. This time he met 4 year old Gia and her little sister Ellia. Ga Ga and Pop Pop had lots of fun playing ring around the rosie with our new friends.

Friday, July 23, 2010

"My Daddy wok at the baybah game"

Translation... My Daddy works at the baseball game. Of course Jamie doesn't really get that Daddy works in the world of professional sports, but one day he will know he has the coolest dad ever when he understands what Timmy does everyday. So today, like every other day we called daddy at work. I asked Timmy what he was up to and he said he was walking back up to the set. (Timmy does the pre and post show for MASN for all the O's home games.) Well it was a few minutes before the show started so Rick Dempsey was already on set. We have met him before and he is super nice and thinks Jamie is super neat! Anyway I told Jamie to say "Hi Rick Dempsey" Now I didn't realize that Mr. Dempsey was sitting right there mind you. And all of the sudden I hear Timmy say in the back ground say something about putting us on speaker phone and then I hear a guy that is not Timmy say "Hello?" so now we're talking to Rick Dempsey on the phone. Ok a little aside here, I am beyond star struck. When I was in high school Candace Cameron did a mall tour and came to the Harford Mall. Of course I went and waited to see her and cried because I was so overwrought with emotion! Ok back to the cool baseball dude. So now I'm telling Jamie to say "Hi Rick Dempsey!" and so he did and Mr. Dempsey is like "Oh Jamie where have you been? You better come see me so I can gobble you up!" By this time my armpits are sweating! Yes I can make a mountain out of a mole hill better then anyone. But come on this is fun stuff here! We are a baseball family through and through!

The pics I posted here are from earlier in the season when we visited Timmy at work.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

We went to the beach!!!

Well of course we go to the beach at least once a year, to Fenwick Island De to be exact. This year we stayed in the biggest, newest most fantabulous house ever. The list of attendees was... Mommy, Daddy, Poppy, Timmy, Erin, Jamie, Aunt Gail, Uncle David, Mattie, Eric, Anabelle, Violet, Sarah, Jason, Caleb and even a Britty for one night!

We went to the waterslides which we had never done before, super fun! I love having a child for so many reasons, one of them being I can do all the kid stuff and not look weird!!!

The Wilsons ejoyed it...

as did the Millers...

and the Gaengs!

Pop Pop always makes it down for a few days. This year we went to the boardwalk, where we of course forgot to bring the camera!!! We ate pizza, thrasers and fried dough. We played games, where Jamie and Pop Pop won a fantastic bubble gun, which is now of course broken and Jamie, Caleb and Anabelle rode tons of rides. Jamie was the first to ride "The Whip" Well let me tell you it was hilarious! After proving death wasn't imminent, he was joined by his 2 cousins. What fun!

The second night Pop Pop was down, we had our first ever bonfire. I hope it was the first of many. It was so neat that so many people happened to be in OC the same week. Lets see if I can remember who was there, The Hildreths, Helmuths, Dennys, Lewis', Browns, Holmstroms, McDonnells, Monaghans, 2 sets of Gaengs, Whites, Wilsons, Millers... yikes did I leave anyone out? Well anyhoo, I thought I was going to loose my mind when 6pm came around and it started to rain, but by 7pm it was cleared up and we headed out to the beach. I bought a million and one glowy things and attempted to make s'mores so all the kids were happy. There was running, laughing, playing and of course nummying and na nas!

Timmy corralled the 300 kids that came to play while it was still raining. Ok so there are only 4 in this picture, but there were more, I promise. Maybe not 300, but it felt like it while we were still in the house! I have to take a moment here and say what a wonderful father my husband is. He is ALWAYS with the kids and not because he was asked to be, but because he just loves them. My constant prayer is that God would allow us to have many more.Timmy made an awsome bonfire!Jamie's favorite big cousin, Christopher loves his uncle Timmy!!!!! (Excuse the poor quality of the photo, I don't know how to use this fancy shmancey camera, I'll leave that to my beautiful and talented sister in law, "the other Erin Gaeng!")

These two boys have so much fun togther. I must say how dearly important it is for me to see Jamie with his cousins. Christopher is Jamie's first cousin, so right now he is the closest thing Jamie has to a brother. I grew up with my cousins and we are still very close (obviously we're all on vacation togther!). You really can't beat a close family. God is so good!

A couple of nights the babies crawled in bed togther to watch none other than "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" I can't quite deal with the awsomeness of our God. When I look at these three miracles together all I can see is Jesus. Thank you God for all Your blessings.

Here We Go!!!

Well I'm going to try to do this for real now. I want to blog for Jamie (my son) and for me. I don't want to forget anything. He is already 2 years old and I don't have a single photo album done... this is NOT OK. He says and does new things everyday and then I forget. Well I'm done forgetting or should I say I'm finished forgetting in case my mother reads this. So better late then never.