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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pre School Update

Well it is super hard to believe that we only have one more day of Pre School left before Christmas.  We won't be meeting again until February.  We have had lots of sickness of mommies and kiddos so attendance and instruction has been a bit spotty.  However we did wrap up our non fiction unit and had a very small "Publishing Party" to celebrate everyone's hard work.  And I couldn't find the camera so I didn't take any pictures.  It was really cute though.  The mommies helped the kids "fancy" up their work and then everyone got a turn in the author chair to share their writing.  Most of the kids wrote about the farm because that was the experience we based our non-fiction unit on.  Below is Jamie's book, of course, about the farm.  He told me exactly what  to write in full sentence form.  He put the periods at the end of each sentence (which are hard to see in the pictures.)  He also spelled the sight words for me that he knows and told me the beginning sound for most of the words. We also worked on labeling his illustrations like authors do in some non-fiction books.  He obviously did the illustrations on his own.  He went back to "fancy" his illustrations up for publishing. 
yes that says "He was pooping"  and the pig at farm was doing just that.

I continue to be absolutely blown away but what these children can do. 
We have also been making Christmas crafts and reading Christmas stories.

This is the first story we read in Pre School.  It talks about all the things we see at this time of year like Christmas trees, Santa and presents and then explains that "that stuff is nice" but its really all about the birth of Jesus.  I LOVE homeschooling so much.  One of the many reasons I want to homeschool is to keep Christ at the center of everything, especially Christmas.  It is such a blessing to be connected with other families that want the same thing for their kids.  Praise Jesus!
 Jill and Lauren have seriously "knocked it outta the park" with teaching the Christmas story.  They spend hours making props and preparing.  The children really understand the story and it is such a beautiful blessing to hear them retell the true meaning of Christmas.  In fact tomorrow they are dressing up in costume (thanks to Jill's sweet mommy) and acting the entire thing out.  It is going to be precious!

I will miss our group while we are on break!  The length of the break is totally my fault... Disney calls and so do my two little frozen babies waiting to warm up and grow in Mama!  Its all about hanging out in my pj's and relaxing while enjoying my miracle man and growing babies for the month of January!  (That is after we go insane in Disney for a while!... and thanks to Timmy's Christmas gift, which Jamie kindly spoiled the surprise about, I will be blogging daily from Disney on the new 15" Mac Book Pro! If I can figure out how to turn it on!!!)

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