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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mary Poppins...

or "Mae-wee" as Jamie calls her.  Yes Mary is the new OBSESSION in our home and when I say obsession that is exactly what I mean and if there was a word that meant more than obsessed I would use it.     I'm not even super sure how all of this started.  The first time he watched the movie he was less than interested and then all of the sudden he started asking to watch it.  We now watch it at least twice a day, not the entire movie, just the part where it turns into a cartoon.  He runs around the house like a maniac singing supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.  And above all else he MUST have his umbrella.  Mary always has an umbrella with her.  When I say always I mean ALL the time.  To illustrate this point- last night when it was time for bed he refused to leave the umbrella downstairs.  Then he refused to set it down before getting into bed.  Yes, you guessed it... we had an extra guest in bed last night...the UMBRELLA.  This is no joke!  We thought Jamie had fallen asleep so Timmy tried to take it out of his arms (yes he was snuggling with it!) but when he tried, Jamie woke up a started crying!!!!!!  As soon as he woke up this morning he said "where is my umbrella?"  I figured at some point I had put it on the floor.  Jamie started to become a bit panicked when I didn't find it right away.  Then I thought to myself, "there is no stinkn' way we slept with this thing all night!"  and so i looked under the covers and right there between Jamie and I was the umbrella!  OH MY WORD!!!!!!!!!!!  REALLY?
Now we have to listen to Mary in the car too.  We listen to  supercalifragilisticexpialidocious on repeat thanks to PopPop who made Jamie a CD of just that song.  Other fun things about this phase....

Jamie, "I'm Mae-wee in her new dress."  the new dress he refers to is when she puts on the fancy white one.
Me, "Mary is a girl.  How about you be Bert."
Jamie, freaking out "NO I'M THE BOY MARY!"
Me, "ok then."

As soon as the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious song is over in the movie it starts to rain.  At this point Jamie absolutely MUST have his umbrella and it MUST be open and everyone in the room MUST get under it.

Wowsers!  So what is a mother to do but indulge her only child in what he loves?  I started scouring the internet for "Mae-wee" related items.  I found the original book that came out with the movie in the 60's, 1964 I think.  The first place I found it wanted $90, um no, I don't think so, then I found it for $75, wrong again.  Finally I found a copy on ebay and got for $16.

Then I found a set of dolls on amazon.  Mary, Bert and even Jane and Michael.  The set is $119 so I will have to wait on that, until baseball season is in full swing, but I WILL be getting it.

I took a few shots of Jamie and his beloved Mary.
never mind the mess.!

his glazed over Mary look

and thats that!
God is good.


  1. Obviously there is some Scilipoti blood coursing through that boys veins! What a great movie for him to love. He can come watch that with me anytime- and I will dress up like Mary along with him!

    On a side note- that is not the correct umbrella. I will look for one this morning on the internet!!

  2. ...also- I have seen Mary Poppins's dolls. AND they were much cheaper. Let me see if I can find them....

  3. This is SO freakin funny! I was just thinking Mary Poppins would be a good, clean, fun movie for the kids. I think I shall look online!