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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Weekend

Lots of fun this weekend! (and no pictures, haven't been in the mood to lug that big ol' camera around)
Friday was a play hard all day kind of a day.  We started at the Lewis' for pre school play group time.  Jamie was so excited to see Natalie again, it had been way too long!   I did an activity with The Very Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle with the kiddos then they had a naked pool party (well Jamie and Jimmy were completely in the buff, the other kids at least had one article of clothing on!)  and we had delicious make your paninis  courtesy of Jill and Lauren.  It was really super fun and so  nice for us to get back together, albeit in a much less structured way, but I think thats for the best.

Jamie fell asleep on the way home and Squeezie and Chey Chey came over for an hour while Jill went to the doctor.  Then we all headed to the grocery store to pick up some goodies for the real pool party at the Arena Club with the Denny's.  Oh my word it was more crowded then Disney on Christmas Day, but well worth it!  The kids had so much fun and it was so great to spend the whole day with these ladies.  Our friendships are effortless, in Kate's words "It's so easy to be friends with you."  I tell ya its like therapy to be with other woman who are just so gentle, forgiving and accepting.  Thank You Jesus for these girls.  It has been so fantastic to see them on Wednesdays for Bible Study and then whenever else we can, to just hang out.

Saturday was more relaxed.  Timmy had to work early so Jamie and I had a date at the farmer's market and breakfast together.  We always get a yogurt parfait at the market and sit on the sidewalk to eat it.  Jamie always wants more granola so this time I stayed on the sidewalk and gave him the money to go buy his own extra granola.  It was so cute.  He went right up to the stand and said "I want some granola please."  Of course he handed her a $10 bill and walked away without getting his change. But when went back to get the change he was so excited, "She gave me money! Look $5!!!"  So cute!  I got some super yummy homemade bread too!  Then we went across the street to a little restaurant to get some breakfast, afterwards we went to the playground.  Then it was home for lots of books and nap time.  When Jamie woke up we busted out the slip and slide for the first time and he loved it.  I took a few turns too and my body is paying for it now!  Timmy was home for dinner and we ate out on the screened porch.  I super love eating outside in the warm weather.  We eat out there all summer.  Its super great.

Sunday was very laid back. We started at church.  This is Jamie's second week back at Sunday school.  I put him in the 3 - 4 class instead of the 2 -3 class where he is supposed to be.  It has worked out really well.  They do more with that age group and its really what Jamie needed.  He has truly enjoyed it.  I'm really happy to be taking him to church with us now.  GaGa, Jamie and I head to  a yummy brunch buffet afterwards.  Jamie fell asleep on the way home so  I cleaned a bit while he napped.  Then we headed over to Pop Pop and GaGa's house to play in their beautiful backyard.

Today well, after a walk with Britty and my Jamie, I realized mr. man was not well.  After a bit of investigation it was determined that he has strep throat, well really its scarlet fever because of the rash associated with it.  So his pediatrician, after hearing the symptoms over the phone, called in an antibiotic.  This is only the 2nd time Jamie has been on an antibiotic in his 3 little years.  Thank you extended breastfeeding!!!!  They have been prescribed more than that, but I am not a fan of antibiotics, but strep is a non-negotioable in my opinion so he is taking it this time.  He actually felt pretty well after I dosed him up with some ibuprofen so we decided to call Jill and Kate to see how they felt about us still coming over for the party we had planned.  Being the laid back mommies they are everyone agreed it would be okay.  So we headed over and made it there about 2 and 1/2 hours late!  YIKES!  and we had part of the food too!  But as I said earlier these girls are so easy to be friends with.  They accepted my apologies and showered me with grace, simply expressing how happy they were that we could make it at all.  LOVE these girls!
We had lots of fun swimming and hanging out on the boat.  When we got back Jill had the super perfect idea to put them all in the baby pool and give them a bath!  AWESOME!!!!  Jamie started to not feel so good after we got in the car to come home and his fever spiked again.  As most mommies I get so worried when he is sick.  This is our 2nd major illness since he weaned 6 months ago.  I do wonder if he was still nursing if we would have gotten the flu this past winter or if he would be sick right now.  I do know it wouldn't be as severe and I wouldn't be obsessed about shoving popsicles and water in his face, because he would just want to nurse and nurse and nurse.  I wished Mattie was around today so he could have hopped on!  I'll preach it until the end, breast milk is a freakin' miracle and I NEVER plan to wean another child if I am ever blessed with one.  If he's 5 years old and still nursing, well praise Jesus!  I also never plan to put a sick child in his own bed to sleep.  Just moments ago while I was typing Jamie's breath became irregular and labored in his sleep.  But since he is sleeping right next to me I knew it right away.  I picked him up and talked to him, he responded and then I held him for 15 minutes in my arms until he calmed his breathing.  I would never have known something wasn't right if he was down the hall in his own bed.  Now he is sleeping peacefully next to me with his hand resting on my leg.  I won't sleep much tonight, but I am his mother and it is my job to protect him, my sleep is quite secondary.

Jesus thank You for my one miracle.  Please heal him tonight.

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