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Friday, June 3, 2011

Blessed Beyond Measure

I am blessed beyond measure. I forget this on a daily basis. I constantly want and want for more. I think about what we could have if I went back to work full time, a big new house or maybe a condo at the beach, private school for Jamie the list goes on. But then I think about what I wouldn't have if I permanently went back to work full time. I wouldn't have the relationship that I do with my son and I don't think I would be fulfilling what God wants for my life. And even though I do not work we still have more "stuff" then most of the world. So why am I constantly comparing myself to other's and wishing I had what they have?

I regularly follow this blog. Right now Kat (the author) is in the Philippines visiting a child she sponsors through Compassion International. She has been blogging regularly since she has been there. She recently posted a video of how the poor live there. It is shocking to me. In fact I began to cry as I thought of my ridiculous pettiness. Here are some of my daily conversations I have with myself...
"Oh I just can't stand the fact that this house needs so much work."
"This house needs at lest $100,000 worth of work."
"I'm so tired of looking at these floors. They need to be redone."

Oh my word, at least I have floors! I could go on and on. Like I said before I could also go back to work and all of this would be done within a few months. But that is not the point of my life. I am not here to live in luxury, although certainly the children sponsored through Compassion would consider me quite wealthy and my lifestyle quite luxurious. And its not that I think God wants me to live in a shack or not have any material possessions. I know He loves me and want me to have "fun" in this life. But I do think He wants me to keep things in perspective.

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