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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer O' Fun

Well I guess I should say "late spring" o' fun because its not actually summer yet, but I feel like we've done so much already.  Here's what's been happening...

  • Jamie finished up his last session of gymnastics.  I've decided not to sign him up for the summer camp session because I don't really want to be tied to much this summer.  We like to get up and go whenever we like!
  • Soccer- well this wasn't the best for little man.  He LOVED running while dribbling the ball, but thats about it.  We missed his last session because he just didn't want to go.  I'm really not about forcing my guy to do things like that he doesn't want to.  Even if he ends up really not liking preschool I will pull him out since it was never my intention to send him to school in the first place, but hopefully he'll love it!
  • We spent last weekend on the eastern shore.  After the Wilson-Miller-Gaeng family picture event over at my parents' house we all headed to Ocean City.  We met up at the inlet and headed to Shenanigans for dinner (after stopping at Thrasher's of course!!!).  Jamie super dooperly wanted to ride the boardwalk tram/train thing so we took that down to Shenanigans.  I REALLY like that place.  The food is super good and it was a fun family environment.  Then we headed down the boardwalk.  So... the people inhabiting the boardwalk have gotten super scary and inappropriate on many levels.  I guess it didn't help that it was the beginning of Senior Week.  I spent my beach week after high school in quiet Rehoboth in a condo my mom had to check us into because they didn't allow high schoolers.  I spent the week reading, making meals and acting like I was 30 years old so I never experienced the crazy town that OC turns into during senior week.  Oh my word I just hope its not something Jamie wants to do because it is GROSS!  Anyhoo, I'm super glad he's only 3!  Despite the riffraff, we had a great time riding the same rides I rode when I was little, which are the same rides my mom rode when she was little.  We headed over to Salisbury to spend the night at Aunt Sherry's house.  The next morning Melinda had breakfast all ready for us over at "her" house.  So we walked over in our PJ's and chowed down.  We hung around enjoying each other's company until time for Haven's party.  It was super cool tie-dye party and everyone got to make a shirt.  Afterward we headed to Ledo's for pizza for dinner.  Jamie and Anabelle ran around the restaurant like crazy people most of the time which is the norm.  Then we stopped by the grocery store (at about 9pm which put my dearly scheduled mother right out of her comfort zone, but she loved it anyway).  We picked up all kinds of treats to eat on the beach the next day.  The next day we got to the Fenwick bathhouse around noon and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!!  We all had a super great time!  After a perfect afternoon on the beach we washed up at the bathhouse and the went to our favorite pizza joint in Fenwick, followed by a quick stop at the Candy Kitchen. YUMMY!!!!  We headed for home and got back around 9pm.
  • On Thursday Mom Mom spent the day with us and the Wilsons were here from the afternoon on as well.  We also had the carpet installed in Jamie's new room as well as the nursery.  Jamie LOVES his new room. It is pretty fantastic if I do say so myself.  I still have to organize and put all the stuff up on his walls, but it is a great room already!  Jamie and Anabelle played outside in the pool and slip and slide.  The kids checked out the garden and generally had a spectacular time.  We spent a lot of time playing in Jamie's new room too.  My mom joined us for a big yummy dinner and everyone headed home around 9:30.  Such a good time spent with family on both sides!!!!
  • Yesterday Jamie and I went to Port Deposit to spend the day with Kate and Jill and the kids at Kate's parents' condo and pool.  It was SUPER fun!  I felt like I was on vacation for the day.  It was right on the water and so beautiful.  We have planned to go once a week for the rest of the summer.  When we got home we went right over to Pop Pop and GaGa's to meet up for the carnival.  We ate large amounts of carnival food, played lots of games and rode lots of rides.  It was a LONG day, 12 hours on the go to be exact!  But it was TOTALY worth it and lots of fun!
We've got a birthday party tomorrow and then we are off camping for the week!  We are all pretty excited about camping.  We hope to make it a family tradition.  I did not grow up camping, but I think it is a really valuable thing for children.  Can't wait!  After we get back Jamie will have Art Camp for the week.  I'm interested to see how he'll do away from me for two hours every morning for a week.  He's going with one of his good friends so hopefully that will help.  Then we have less then a week before we head to the beach again for 2 weeks!  I LOVE SUMMER!!!!

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