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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Disney Day 3

Jamie becomes a Padawan!!!!!!!!

Today was really all about Bubby living out his Star Wars dreams.  We headed to Hollywood Studios via boat for opening.  We split up into two teams.  Timmy and Mom Mom went to get us fast passes for Toy Story and Jamie and I went to sign up for Jedi training!!!!!

We were off to ride Star Tours after that... well Jamie and Timmy rode it.  It makes me want to hurl.  It is so neat now that Jamie is tall enough to ride the big rides!  He rode Star Tours 3 times!!!

We also rode Toy Story which is one of my very favorites and The Great Movie Ride.  Jamie was scared silly because he thought it was real, but I was able to calm him down and he enjoyed the rest of it, especially The Wizard of Oz part.  We also watched the Disney Jr. Live on Stage show.

But of course the big deal of the day was the Jedi training.  Evelyn Jane, Aunt Gail, Aunt Sherry, Mattie, Anabelle and Violet came over to HS just to watch him.  It was just a hoot to see Jamie up there winking, smiling, waving and giving thumbs up to.... not me, but Anabelle.  Oh my word.  It was a great day all around. (especially because we took a break in the middle of the day.)

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