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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Disney Days 1 and 2

Ok here we go!  The flight was horrible.  Well not for everyone, just me.  I was terrified the entire time.  By the time we finally got to Orlando I had a migraine and was extremely nauseous.

The magical express ride was great.  We were the second stop so that was jim dandy.  Our room was ready and we checked in.  We have a two bedroom "condo" right in the park so its great.  We can walk to EPOCT, Hollywood Studios and then get everywhere else easily by monorail, boat or bus.

nice face buddy

We headed straight for the Magic Kingdom.  This is the only appropriate first move upon arrival.  We decided to get to the MK via monorail and therefor we walked through EPCOT and met up with Pooh and Tigger who were waiting for us in Christopher Robin's bedroom!

Mom Mom meets her first Disney characters!!!

We met up with Aunt Gail, Aunt Sherry, Mattie, Anabelle and Violet.  We promptly head to Adventureland and had a dole whip.  Timmy to Mom Mom in the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse and the rest of us caught up and enjoyed our pineapple heaven.

If this keeps us we will be having a West Virginia wedding.  These two are quite silly with one another.  Poor Vi gets left out sometimes :(

Then it was off to our first ride, Pirates of the Caribbean. (Jamie's choice.)  We saw pirate Goofy first then headed in. Jamie was super scared, but he got over it and had fun.  Its funny because even though this is his 5th time here, this time is totally different.  He has an opinion about EVERYTHING!  But we are working with it.  Had to bust out a behavior chart, but thats ok.

Then it was off to Aladdin's Magic Carpets.

The MK closed early for "Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween" party.  We have been to it twice in the past and I'm not a Halloween fan and its another $60 a person so we opted out of this event.

We headed on the boat over to The Wilderness Lodge (where Timmy and I stayed for our honeymoon)  we had a super yummy dinner at Whispering Canyon and then called a taxi back to our resort. Jamie was beyond tired and I was still rock'in my migraine!

on the boat

Day 2
EPCOT day!
We slept in and took our time getting ready then headed over to EPCOT.  We rode Nemo, Figment, Spaceship Earth, Living with the Land and Soarin'  This was the first time Jamie was tall enough to ride it.  OH.  MY.  WORD.  He screamed and giggled the whole time.  It was such a joy!  MomMom on the other hand was terrified, oh well.  We had lunch at Seasons and I had my prized favorite beet salad.

my twins making pirate faces ready to start the day

walking from our resort over to EPCOT

Jamie is obsessed with photo booths, if he sees one we have to do it

taking our time walking to EPCOT

obviously we stopped to add a pressed penny to his collection

my highly anticipated beet salad with goat cheese!!!


checking out the aquarium

he earned 10 stickers and got his treat!  no melt downs today!

i earned my treat too!

After we rode Nemo we went right to "Turtle Talk with Crush"  and Jamie GOT PICKED to talk to Crush!!!!!!  First time he has ever raised his hand while sitting on the floor during the show. So cute!  He was supposed to ask Crush a question, but of course got shy.  Crush asked him was he like to do for fun and Jamie said "play pirates."  Crush asked him how you play pirates and Jamie answered with "I don't know."  So funny.

Jamie did the Perry's mission in France.  So fun.  Lots of neat little things to see and do.

holding his "phone" which told him all his missions

We saw Mary!  Wow! Jamie was smitten and so was Mary.  Terribly cute to watch.

in line waiting for Mary

Then we headed to the "Character Connection" to see the fab five.

jamie shaking his tail feather for donald

donald loving it

donald joining in with the tail feather shaking

3 personalities just alike! "passionate" as my dear SIL puts it ;)

Next it was off to World Showcase.  We spent some time in Germany and walked around to all the other countries as well.  We secured a prime viewing location for the fireworks and took a rest until the show began.  It was awesome.  The pictures don't do it justice.

contrary to this picture, he really IS having a good time

crazy french dude in france



I am exhausted.  Good night!

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