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Friday, July 23, 2010

"My Daddy wok at the baybah game"

Translation... My Daddy works at the baseball game. Of course Jamie doesn't really get that Daddy works in the world of professional sports, but one day he will know he has the coolest dad ever when he understands what Timmy does everyday. So today, like every other day we called daddy at work. I asked Timmy what he was up to and he said he was walking back up to the set. (Timmy does the pre and post show for MASN for all the O's home games.) Well it was a few minutes before the show started so Rick Dempsey was already on set. We have met him before and he is super nice and thinks Jamie is super neat! Anyway I told Jamie to say "Hi Rick Dempsey" Now I didn't realize that Mr. Dempsey was sitting right there mind you. And all of the sudden I hear Timmy say in the back ground say something about putting us on speaker phone and then I hear a guy that is not Timmy say "Hello?" so now we're talking to Rick Dempsey on the phone. Ok a little aside here, I am beyond star struck. When I was in high school Candace Cameron did a mall tour and came to the Harford Mall. Of course I went and waited to see her and cried because I was so overwrought with emotion! Ok back to the cool baseball dude. So now I'm telling Jamie to say "Hi Rick Dempsey!" and so he did and Mr. Dempsey is like "Oh Jamie where have you been? You better come see me so I can gobble you up!" By this time my armpits are sweating! Yes I can make a mountain out of a mole hill better then anyone. But come on this is fun stuff here! We are a baseball family through and through!

The pics I posted here are from earlier in the season when we visited Timmy at work.

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