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Friday, July 30, 2010

The Farm Fair!!!!

Ok so I'm a wanna be farmer. Well let me correct that. I want to live on a farm where the farmer does the farming and I hang out on the farm, looking all "country" and what not!!!! I used to want a cow, a pig and some chickens. I would tell this to everyone. I even told Timmy on our first date... "Ok so I want to be a stay at home mom on a farm." Hey, he didn't have to call me back, but he did (like everyday!!!!!) So we don't live on a farm, but I am blessed to stay at home with Jamie and we can visit the farm and of course go to the FARM FAIR!!!! I love the farm fair. I find it so fascinating to look at all the farm kids that show their animals and then sleep right there next to them. Well, Jamie loves the farm fair too and he proceeded to tell everyone "I a fahmer, I a traker ridah" (I'm a farmer, I'm a tractor rider). Of course the battery died on the camera about an hour after we got there, but I still managed to get some good pics.Jamie was a bit reluctant to venture out of his stroller at first. He had never seen a cow, pig or chicken quite that close up before. (Actually he has, but doesn't remember. This is his 3rd year at the farm fair.)But then he started to warm up.Jamie also has developed a strange fear of the "cock a doodle" He will run out of an empty room saying the cock a doodle is in there. So when it was time to visit the roosters he would have none of it! He wouldn't even pet the baby duck (too fowl like I guess!)
And of course we spent plenty of time at the John Deere display.Timmy was at work, but got home at about 8pm when we proceeded to go back to the fair for a short 45 minutes. At least the lady didn't make us pay again!!!

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