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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Field Trip #2!!!!!!!

One of the many reasons I LOVE doing pre-school at home!! It's only November and we have already been on 2 field trips!!!!!!  We took a tour of Broom's Bloom Dairy Farm to kick off our "All About Books" unit during which we are studying non-fiction books.  We used the farm as a common background experience to begin authoring our own non-fiction books.  We had a super duper good time and Daddy got to go too!!!

Jill wearing Chey Chey in my Ergo!!! Yea!  and check out Squeezie's hat!  Her mommy  made it!!!

Miss Kate the farmer's wife starting our tour!

Miss Kate telling us about barley (and a very cute face!)

off to the barns!!!!!
Jamie trying to talk Jimmy out of one of his many "sit-ins" of the trip!  LOVE IT!

Miss Kate talking to us about food that cows eat in the feed barn


baby cow day care.  wish those babies weren't taken away from their mommies!

Jimmy and Jamie checking out Mrs. Cow being milked.  (Reminded me of my days pumping my milk moo moo!)

Piggies eating a pumpkin!!

mommy of the above pictured babies!

Jamie fell down and I asked him if he wanted some pig nummy, this was his reaction.  Poor guy!

still not real happy :(

now everybody's happy cuz its time to make ice cream!!!

learning about the ingredients

ice cream maker!

brrrrrrrrr the freezer!!!

deciding which flavor we want


i'd steal 'er if I could, don't worry her mommy is well aware!

story time!  love me an enthusiastic story teller!


the youngest of three, they call her tres, too cute!

Jamie raising his hand for his ice cream... so sweet!

the mommies love it too!!!!

God is good, all the time He is good.

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  1. Pig do have a sense of humor like me!!! Looks like you guys had a blast :)