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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Birthday Party!!!!

This past Sunday we went to our niece and nephew's birthday party. Christopher is now 3 and Anna is 1 year old! Crazy how time flies. I was so excited to attend this party, mostly because my SIL (the other Erin Gaeng) is a perfectionist and I just love to see her in action! She even had shirts made for Christopher, Jamie and her BFF's little boy Bennett. Well this party certainly did NOT disappoint. There was food galore, and no waiting around for it either. All the appetizers were out when we arrived and before I knew it the full lunch was out as well. And then of course there was cake, cake and more cake. (Yes, I must dwell on the food because eating is one of my favorite things to do!!!!!!!!!)
Of course the party part of the party was planned to perfection as well. It was Toy Story themed, which in itself is fantastic (Jamie loves himself some Buzz and Woody). There were pony rides on a real pony! A visit from Buzz Lightyear and Woody in person (with no lines, usually when we are meeting Buzz and Woody we are waiting 15 - 30 minutes in a hot line!)

And obviously there was a moon bounce, which the adults had fun bouncing in after the party was over! We all had a super great time. Jamie just loves spending time with his cousins! (And I can get my baby fix holding Anna) We had such a good time we stayed until 10:30 at night, even though the invitation clearly stated 1pm-4pm WOOPS!!!!

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  1. I am SO glad you had fun- and you are invited to stay as long as you like whenever....regardless of what the invatations say!