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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

3 mommies, 5 children, 1 day at the beach...

oh and 1 flat tire, so make that 2 DAYS AT THE BEACH!  In Jill's words... BOOOOOYEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So yesterday we (Jill, Sequoia, Cheyenne, Kate, Jimmy, Fiona, Jamie and I) left around 10:30am and made it to Rehoboth in under 2 hours. (Kate and family rode with Jamie and me.  Poor Jilly had to caravan behind.)  The ride absolutely flew by because Kate and did not shut up at all!  So let me start by saying I LOVE THESE GIRLS!!!!  They remind me so much of my own family.... full of love and laughter, mostly unorganized, slow to get movin' and laid back!
We got to Rehoboth and found a neat place to eat outside with pretty good food.  The kids were crazytown and ran around a lot and ate very little.  Then we headed to the rides.  Good times were had by all for sure.  We made sure to stop for ice cream and candy kitchen (which I am now realizing I left my mom's fudge and my pecan patties in Kate's cooler!!!!!)  When we got back to the car I remembered that on the way down my tire pressure light came one.  So when we started driving I saw that my dashboard was actually slanted down to the right side.  Hmmmmm.  Interesting.  So we pulled off at a gas station by an air filler upper thing.  I got out and checked it out.  My tire was actually flat.  I was like oh my word... I need a boy to help me.  (Yes I am 32 but I still refer to myself as a girl and the opposite sex as boys.)  None of us had a real clue as to what to do.  So we all kinda figured it out together and I started putting air in the tire.  Then this gentleman came over to see if we needed any help.  He said I was doing a really good job and stayed until the tire was full.  It made me feel better that a "man" was there.  I like myself to be girly and do girl stuff and I like boys to be manly and do boy stuff.  So the tire was full and off we went to Cape Henlopen State Park.  This is where we went camping last month.  Super fun!
So we arrived pretty late in the afternoon, around 4pm.  It took us forEVER to lug all our stuff out on the beach.  But it was more than worth it.  As I have expressed previous posts I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach.  A fellow blogger recently referred to the beach as "where heaven touches earth" and I most certainly agree.  We played all afternoon until the sun went down.  We had a yummy dinner right out on the beach and just basked in the glory of God's creation.  So when we headed back to the parking lot just before dark we arrived to a ABSOLUTELY COMPLETELY FLAT TIRE.  So Jill called her roadside assistance and Kate used her mom's "emergency" credit card to book us a hotel.  We put the kids in their PJ's and strapped them in their car seats to watch a movie.  We were so lovin' that my van had the DVD feature.  I just love my fancy pants VW mini van!!!!!  Now let me just back up a  moment and say...  Around 5 or 6 I went back out to the car for something and saw the flat tire.  Upon reporting back to my homegirls we came to a very quick consensus that this was quite the "emergency" and we really "needed" to spend the night.  We got super giggly and decided we would be stopping to pick up some wine and have ourselves a party after the babies fell asleep!!!  Are we the most fun ever?  Yes, Yes, I think we are!   We LOVED that we had a flat tire!  We were just oh so laid back and looked at it as a chance to have a vacation!
So anyhoo the tow boy (and when I say boy this time I mean it.  He was 18 years old and his girlfriend was with him) showed up and fixed the tire.  It was oh, I don't know, 10:30 by the time we left?  And I've gotta say we were all still in good spirits.  We swung by the liquor store and then off to the hotel.  The kids fell asleep and we all got showers.  We were all in one room. By choice.  More fun that way ya know?  We stayed up to 2am yackin'.  Sooooooooooo fun!  Super love!
The next morning we hit up the free breakfast, packed up and went to the pool.  It was a really neat pool for the kids.  (Hopefully Jill will send me some pictures so I can add them to this post!!!)  Jill and her girls headed for home and Kate, our kids and I headed for the beach!  (Well first we went to the tow place so they could put my tire back on.)
The beach was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO crowded.  We might as well have been at the inlet in Ocean City.  We still had lots of fun though and after 5pm it really thinned out.  Once again we closed the beach.  We left at sunset and got back to Kate's in a little over 90 minutes.  (Kate now feels that she has a "beach house" because she can get to the Atlantic in an hour and 1/2!!!!)  So fun!
We had such a very very very very good time.  We will be going back soon!
Thank you Jesus, for creating such a beautiful world.

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