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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Beach 2011

I am officially obsessed, possibly in an unhealthy sort of a manner, with the beach.  This was our 3rd visit this summer and our only official vacation.  I get super irritated when its time to leave.  If I were 3 I would throw myself down on the sand and refuse to leave.  I have been coming to Fenwick Island for a daggone long time.  I have experienced every season of my life in this little beach town.  Childhood with best friends and cousins.  Teens and twenties with boyfriends and my adulthood with my husband and child.  Always with my mother and most of the time my dad too.  I have been there when I was too young to go out at night, just right to go out at night, and now, this year I found out I am too old to go out at night!  I have laughed until my tummy hurt there and cried from a broken heart there.  My  mother always says its not the same when you live where everyone else is on vacation, but I'm willing to take the risk.  I would sell my house in a heart beat and live in a shack down there if Timmy could get work.  (However the entertainment industry isn't really booming on Delaware's shore.)  I just don't have a desire to be anywhere else.  I would never trade a trip to FI for a trip to an exotic island.  Not that I don't want to go to an exotic island, but I would want to the come back to FI for a week and if I couldn't have both I would choose FI.  Timmy really wants to go to Outer Banks and I would like that too, but only if we could still have our normal vaca in Fenwick.  I know I may sound like a loon, but its the truth.  I told my friend today that the beach is "like Jesus came back to earth" for me.  Especially in the evening.  Oh there's simply nowhere else I'd rather be.  I don't have to fly to get there and it only takes 2 and 1/2 hours from my house.  A day trip isn't even that bad.  The beach is my escape.  I'm not a drinker and "other" things are inappropriate at my age.  The beach is my drug.  I literally crave it.  The smell, the sound, its beauty.  In fact I may just close this laptop and hop in the car right now!!!!  Anyhoo here's this years trip in pictures with a little commentary.

Timmy's only full week off this year was the week of July 4th.  Needless to say traffic was a little nutty.  But where we stay now, on Lewes Street,  it still feels like no one is there.  I DO NOT like a crowded beach.  Ocean City is not my thing.  We are the only rental house on the street.  All the other homes are privately owned by super rich people.  Mattie, Sarah and I sit around and talk about what they must do to own those homes.  We decided they work in finance and are CEO's of something or other.  We noticed that two of the husbands were gone during the week and then back on Friday.  Obviously they were working all week while the moms and kids stayed at the beach.  We did find out, thanks to Pat that one of the homes is owned by the dean of Salisbury.

We had a new addition to our beach family this year.  Baby Wyatt Dorsey Burns.  Bekah and Logan and Wyatt joined us last minute.  They were in town from Denver and the day before they were scheduled to fly home I told them they should change their flight and come to the beach with us.  And so the Burns and Gaeng families shared the downstairs master for the week.

Uncle Pat is always up for some good fun playtime!

Uncle Jason with Caleb and Jamie.  They're not as far out as they look.

Aunt Melina with her extra appendage, her Kindle.

Violet and her beloved Grandaddy.

I know, it looks like she put makeup on to come out to the beach, but thats just how she looks all the time.  :)

4th of July.  Of course they all had matching bathing suits thanks to Aunt Gail.

Finally got everyone smiling here!

 Later on that night.  For whatever reason I forgot to take pictures of the Gaeng family matching mickey 4th of July shirts.  They were super cute!

Our bonfire night!!!!  It was supposed to the 4th, but we got rained out.  It was beautiful weather the night we had it.  Lots of weird discussions.  I guess thats what you get when you throw a Phd into the mix. ;)

Jamie with "hot dad" in the background.  I love me a boy with longish curly hair!  Yummy!  I remember being out somewhere and talking to Britt and Bekah about the "hot dads" we would see.  Now I have one of my own!

Oh my word, apparently I came to the beach too!

Clearly I find s'more making quite sassy.

Jamie and GaGa just after he gave her a good lick in the face.

Bekah, baby and the Phd join the party. Love you Lo Lo!!!!

Poor Caleb passed out before the party started!

A good time was had by all.  It wouldn't be a family vacation without a little drama in the mix, but at the end of it all I think we would agree we wouldn't have any other way!!!!!

This year's attendees:
Aunt Gail
Uncle David
and Aunt Sherry, Richard, Wendy, Mary and Haven came by for a visit one night too!
We missed my dad this year, but Tatie bug is getting quite old and can't be left with a baby sitter.  We are  exceedingly grateful to him for providing such a beautiful house for the week!  Love you  Daddy!


  1. First - LOVE the pictures!! Just gorgeous!!
    Second - We have lots in common girl!!!
    Love for the beach, oh yeah!! Hubby and I got married on the beach.
    Fenwick - our all time fav place to be!!! Been going for years and years!!!
    Lastly - We were there July 4th week too!
    Wonder if we saw each other??? lol

  2. I was trying to explain to Lo Lo all the seasons of people that have been at the beach and we explained it about the same...I started going when we were 15 years old then high school friends & family would attend, 20's boyfriends, college friends & family, then husbands, friends and family then pretty much just family. Thanks for letting me and then my family be apart of your beloved vacation for the better part of 18 years. Now we just need to get your clan out to Denver. Love you always B