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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nature Tots

Now, on Monday mornings Jamie is taking a nature class at a local estuary center. It is super neat. He seems to really like it. The first class was about how birds migrate in the winter. He had to "fly" around to each station to see if he would make it south for the winter. Unfortunately some people were mean to him with bebe gun and poor little Jamie bird didn't make it south! (Not for real of course it was just part of the activity!)

coloring his bird project

helping to clean up

learning about different types of birds by their feathers

geting ready for the migration activity.  jamie was a warbler of some sort.

he got "banded" during migration (this was before the "bebe gun" incident)

perching his bird he made earlier

outside getting bird seed from Miss Becky to fee the birds.

feeding the birdies

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