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Friday, October 1, 2010

Pre School Day 2!

Another highly successful day!  In fact I was really shocked about how well it went seeing as Wednesday was really just a trial run, not a full morning.  We unanimously decide that 8:30 was cruel and unusual punishment and backed it up to 9am with 9:30 being our official start time.  I had the coffee set to go and it was time to start the day!  (I must stop here and address the fact the mornings and I don't mix very well, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it!)  Our friends arrived and headed down stairs.  This morning's before school activities were cars and trucks, books, blocks and musical instruments.  We began our  opening just like Wednesday, but we added a poem and scripture on obeying.

We also talked about listening with our eyes, ears and mouths.  After opening we had free play for 15 minutes and then Miss Kate began our unit on empathy.  We learned what empathy is and one way to show empathy is giving hugs to friends that are sad.  (We got to practice this a little later in the morning when one friend got a boo boo.)  After Miss Kate gave a short mini lesson we practiced being empathetic with each other.  After that we headed upstairs to make our apple craft led by Miss Laurie!  We had excellent fun.  Then it was outside to run around, play tractor and sandbox.  Back inside we headed downstairs to reflect on our field trip to the apple orchard by reading "Apples, Apples."  We then split into "mommy and me" pairs to become authors and illustrators of our very own book about the apple orchard.  Each child was given a picture of him/herself apple picking and "wrote" a sentence to go along with it.  The kids dictated to their mommies and mommies wrote the sentence.  Then they were illustrators by drawing a picture to go along with the photograph.  Afterward we came back together and shared our sentences.  (I will be putting all the pages together to make a book.) 

Next we were back upstairs for snack.  We used the apples we picked at the orchard to make our own cider!  Very fun!  We also had apples with peanut butter dip!  Our last lesson of the day was Bible.  We gathered together as we sang "Jesus Love the Little Children" and "Jesus Loves Me."  Miss Jill and Miss Lauren told us about the "Good Samaritan"  and we learned our memory verse... Ephesians 4:32 Be kind and loving to each other. Forgive each other just as God forgave you in Christ. (We chose this to go along with our empathy theme.)  

We closed with a prayer and ended our morning together.  What fun!  I thank God for this gift he has given our little group.  What a blessing to be in charge our little one's learning and spend this most precious time in their lives together.  Yeah Jesus!!!

doing a a little finger play song to get us settled for our empathy lesson


the results of our crafting!

making cider!!!

I love a crowded house!!!

hands down my favorite pic of the day!!!

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  1. WOW! I LOVE Natalie's expression. Who knew making apple cider could be so fun?!?!