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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pre School day 3!!

Another stand out morning.  I mean this whole thing could really be a disaster!  But its just not!  At least so far.  Why do I continue to be shocked that this is working?????  I just don't get it!  Well,  I do get it, Jesus is in charge and I guess He is all about it! :0)

Today was "free art" so we dove into finger paints.  I think it was the first time for all the kids.  Good times!


I read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (well I let the CD sing it, more fun that way!) Afterward we got into "mommy and me" partners and worked in learning centers. We went fishing for letters, spelled our names with magnetic letters and matched alphabet cards with the letters on the playroom wall.

We reviewed our verse (Ephesisans 4:32)  and listened as Miss Lauren read "The Good Samaritan" out of the "Beginners Bible."  We discussed the story and the kids were really into to.  I am simply amazed at what children absorb at such a young age.  They're a bunch of smarty pants!!!!

Of course we played, but not outside because it was raining.  I set up Jamie's tents and tunnels with the little ball pit and the kids ran around my dining room and living room.  LOVE IT!

We learned that one way to show empathy is to ask friends "How are you feeling?" and the most important part is to wait and listen to their answer.  Kate has been teaching this unit.  She is so authentic in her teaching!!! Thanks Kate you ROCK!

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