She felt the warmth of her mommy's womb then she felt the arms of Jesus rescue her.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pre School day 5!!!!

This morning went quick!!!!!  Today's agenda...
  • Prayer
  • Opening
  • Empathy Lesson ... We talked about nice things to say to our friends and made friendship bracelets to give to each other with nice words on them.
  • Math... We had a leaf hunt!!!! We went outside and collected leaves.  We came back in and did math!  Everyone chose their favorite leaf and we made a graph to see how many different color leaves we collected.
  • Art  We read the book "Leaf Man" and made leaf people from our leaves.
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  • Bible... We continued our study of Ephesians 4:32 Be kind and loving to each other. Forgive each other as God forgave you in Christ.  We acted out how it would feel if a toy was snatched away from us.  Then we practiced using kind and loving words instead of "snatching." 
Last we had snack and played outside.
I will say again what a blessing this group is.  Each mother is dedicated to the group and helping all of our children learn about our world with Jesus in the center of everything.  I just couldn't ask for more.  To be quite honest I have spent a large majority of my life being envious of other people for a variety of things.  And now that I am a mother I read lots of other mothers' blogs and think how I will be never be a good enough mother.  But teaching my child and having fellowship with other mothers as we teach our children together feels really good, kinda like I'm doing just what God wants me to (and that doesn't happen very often.)


  1. Love the Leaf People and all the pictures of the kids! I am so glad everyone is having such a good time. Wish you were closer :)

  2. I think that it's all too common to feel like you'll never be a good enough mother in this day and age. There are so many books and people to tell us the 'best' or the 'right' way to do things, and not let us trust our instincts. Plus there are other moms who do their own cool and innovative things that you wish that you could do but can't (for various reasons), so it makes us feel a little inadequate. I get caught up in it too, but I find that I have to sit back and look at my daughter and ask "Is she happy?" Yes. "Is she healthy?" Yes. "Does she smile when she sees her mom and dad?" Yes. "Are we trying to do the best that we can?" Yes. Then I just have to trust that that is all that matters. If every mom and every kid were exactly the same, it would be a very boring world.

    You are an excellent mother Erin! Don't ever doubt that!