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Friday, October 8, 2010

Pre School Day 4!

Today our group was rather small, but we still had a good morning, although I was a little lazy daisy I must admit!!!

Our main areas of focus today were Math, Art, Snack and PLAY!!!!

Math... I read "Countdown to Fall" and then we did math centers in mommy and me partners.  We worked on sorting numbers from letters, number order, quantity and one to one correspondence.

Art... THANK YOU LB!!!  LB is our art momma!  She is super amazing at always having something creative for us to do.  I know its a lot of work getting all the materials together and I am so super grateful to her!  We made "sit upons" so when we come together as a group everyone one as their own special spot to sit in.

Snack... I found this online.  I love that the directions are simple and clear so each child can make their own snack!!! (Its supposed to be a butterfly by the way!!)

Today Natalie was sick so she wasn't at school.  Jamie has become quite smitten with Ms. Natalie.  I have never seen him act like this.  He gets SO giggly when he sees her or talks about her.  It is TOO funny.  Right after school was over today he made her a get well card.  Too cute!!!!

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