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Friday, August 20, 2010

Activities Galore!

Oh my, Jamie and I love our activities! We had really been out of touch with our local toddler group over the summer, but this week we dove right back in. On Monday we did story time at Barnes and Nobel, Tuesday we did playgroup at FUNdamentals, Wednesday we did story time at our library, Thursday we did a mommy and me class at local toy store and today we did another story time at Barnes and Nobel I get such a kick out of seeing him sit in a group of kids listening to someone else than me!Nothing like making cupcakes at 10:30 in the morning! Thankfully all he did was decorate his cupcake. After that he said he was finished with it and I trashed it!and free play at MY Gym. We had Jamie's birthday at My Gym this year and he sooo loved it. They are my favorite place for classes, but are also the most expensive. With our toddler group we just pay $7 to go play for an hour so its great!
Sorry for the not so great pics, all I had was my cell phone on my today...

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