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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another Birthday Party!!!!

(So Mattie's eyes are closed in this one and...)
(Aunt Gail's are closed in this one. OH WELL!)
Last week my beautiful Aunt Gail turned 60 years young. Now lets get this very clear if you saw her you would never think she was 60. I think because she is so very young at heart... the biggest Disney fan I know. In fact our last trip to Disney, this past May, was just Aunt Gail, Timmy, Jamie and me! We had a great time. She is definitely my 2nd mommy! I love you Aunt Gail!
(Even Aunt Sherry came all the way from Salisbury just to spend and hour and 1/2 for Aunt Gail's big day... and apparently to push Jamie in the tractor!)
I guess I'll take some time here to take a stroll down my favorite memory lane from my childhood... spending time at this very house with these very people. Throughout my childhood I would spend at least one week per summer at my cousins' in Westminster. I remember every time I would turn on Uniontown Road I would get so stinkn' excited and actually the excitement has never left, it still happens and I'm 31 years old. We would spend the days playing made up games like "The Daisy Club" and making hit records with our group "The Beach Girls." We would swim and ride horses and just run around barefoot on the acres and acres that surrounded us. I can't even explain the joy I have when I watch Jamie doing the same exact thing at the same exact place I did when I was little. I love that so much is the same when I go there. Even down to the 1980 something trailer we use to camp in!!! (Notice it sitting in the far left of the pic below.) I am very blessed to have my Aunt Gail "mommy" and my Mattie, Sarah, Melinda and Cameron cousin "siblings."


  1. Great pictures...awesome story. Thanks Erin

  2. That's beautiful Erin. We all feel the exact same way. -Melinda

  3. OH Erin, thanks for sharing again. I miss my best friend. It's going to be so hard to carry on without my travel buddy. She was very, very special to all who knew her. Everyone loved Gail, the mommy, the sister, the aunt, the cousin, the friend, the wife and the amazing woman. We have lost someone very special.

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  5. So beautiful in every way. So full of life. I love you Mommy. Love Mattie