She felt the warmth of her mommy's womb then she felt the arms of Jesus rescue her.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunday School!!!

OK so I get that the first day of Sunday School may not be that big of a deal to some, but to us it is HUGE for a million reasons. The biggest reason is that Jamie is being immersed into the Christian community. He is now a part of our routine of going to church and learning more about the God we serve. I want him to have a church family and to grow life long relationships with other believers. It is so important for his faith. Another reason I am so excited is that he is now developmentally ready to be someplace without me, Timmy or my parents, at least for a short period of time. And we allowed him to do it in his own time. He was never forced, never left to cry in a strange environment. This is a major goal of our parenting. And another reason this was such a big deal is because Jamie is being home schooled (at least for now) and so he won't have a "first day" of pre school, he'll just go downstairs!

This is the postcard addressed to Jamie that came in the mail letting us know about his class

So here's how it went...
I knew exactly what I wanted him to wear and of course he looked as cute as ever. We also had been talking to him for a long time about Sunday School. What it is, why we go and that Mommy and Daddy would be at big church while he was in his classroom. I tell him stories about Fluffy the cat every night before he falls asleep and Fluffy has been going to Sunday School for quite some time now!

We got to church super early, even before the previous service had let out. We were the first ones to arrive at his classroom, even before the teacher. At first Jamie looked at little nervous, we can tell when he is anxious because he will pull on his shirt. But he warmed up very quickly. The teacher , Ms Jennifer and her helper Mr. Nate (about 14 years old I would guess) came in. I explained to Ms. Jennifer that he had never been left like this before and that if he got even a little bit upset to put our number up. (Our church has about 3,000 people in it so they have a system where they put your child's number up on a screen if there is an issue.) I explained to her also that he was potty trained and may need to go potty. (she seemed surprised that he wasn't in a diaper.) So then we gave him a hug good bye and he said "Bye I love you!" and that was it. No tears, no "stay mommy" nothing! I wasn't really sad that he didn't mind me leaving. I was really happy that all my research on attachment parenting is true! I have read that attached kids will stay places without mommy easily when they are developmentally ready because of the trust and confidence they have gained in always getting their needs met from day one.
After church we bolted and went straight for his room. We hid so we could see how he was doing. He was just as content as he could be right in the mix with all the other kids. He was happy to see us, but stayed just a minute longer to help clean up. He came out into the hall where all the pictures were lined up that the kids had colored. He found the one with his name on it and showed it to us. He said "the lady write my name." Then we proceeded to ask him what he did in Sunday school. He told us "i eat goldfish and drink water. the boy take my goldfish. i tell him that not for you that for me" He also told us he sang "Jesus Love Me" which he already knows all the words to so of course he's a genius ;) Then he said "i go someplace for lunch, I not go home" So we went out for pizza. It was great and we are so happy for our big little man. God is good.


  1. Awesome!! Great work Jamie and Great work Mom and Dad!

  2. That is so cute... You needed to take pictures of him in the classroom!! That is what I will be doing thursday whether they think I am an idiot or not!

  3. oh i know, we brought the camera to chruch, but i was too chicken to take pictures in the room, maybe next week.