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Friday, August 27, 2010

Mini Holiday

I always wanted to say that! But since I'm not from the UK I guess it was just a mini "Vacation." Okay, now that we've established that I'm a super dork... We just got back from National Harbor. Technically its in Maryland, but it feels like DC, although it is nothing like DC. Okay, now I'm making a lot of sense. Anyway, once again Aunt Gail took us to one of her 500 timeshares.

Who needs a resort when you can just play on the luggage cart?

Jamie and Caleb trying out the shower.

Of course there was plenty of na-na to be had! We're a little obsessed with nursing in our family so we like to document it often!!

It was beautiful and National Harbor is just the neatest place. It is definitely a resort. And it was SO clean, very Disney like. We arrived Wednesday afternoon and went out to lunch where Jamie and Caleb decided to scream with delight the entire time. Thankfully we were just about the only people in the restaurant. Let me interrupt here and say how delighted I was to be on a little vacation because if I was still teaching Wednesday would have been my first day back! Moving on... After lunch we walk around the little town of National Harbor. We looked at the boats checked out the times for the ferryto Old Town Alexandria for the next day. We even found the prototype place for the National Children's Museum which will open in 2013 in DC. So the babies had fun there! Then we went back to our room and headed to the pool. Lots of fun of course. Then it was time for dinner. The Gaeng's contributed nothing to the food and got fed for 2 days by the Whites and Wilsons. After dinner we hung around the room (which had 4 bedrooms in it!) and went out on the balcony which was 10 floors up. I couldn't stay out there very long because I was terrified!!! And when the kids went out I wanted to pass out! The next morning we woke up to breakfast casserole, thank you Eric and off we went to Old Town.
For whatever reason I was very adamant about having a picture of just the three of us. Who knows what I'm thinking and why? But we are cute!

The boat ride over was super fun for everyone!

Please notice Sarah trying not to barf. Baby Miller is reeking havoc!!!! Don't worry Sarah, only 7 more months!!!!!!!

We had a super time walking up and down King Street shopping and ate lunch at the most yummy place ever. It was all organic and delicious!! I so wish they had places like that around here, although Timmy and I did have a brief conversation about moving to Alexandria on the way home because we loved it so much and then of course I looked at real estate in that area and if you don't have 1 million dollars there's not much you can do! Oh but it is fun to dream.Jamie in front of the Alexandria Town Hall
Ahhhhhhhh, young love! It's the best! Yes, I know they are cousins, but they are distant OK!!!

We found the neatest toy store on King Street! It has everything I could possibly want for Jamie.

Not sure whats going on here with Aunt Gail and Mattie. Guess They're just really happy to be in Old Town.

Just before we got on the boat the kids joined a band! They are very gifted for their age!

After a full day in Old Town we hopped back on the boat and headed back. We had another yummy dinner and then packed up to come home. Everyone else stayed the night again, but Timmy had to be at Ravens Stadium at 8am this morning. I would really love to go back there sometime. It was super fun!

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