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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Oh How I Love To Plan!

It's just actually doing it that becomes the issue! I really love to plan at the end of the summer going into fall. I'm quite sure it comes from being a teacher... Now if I was planning for my actual school year going back to work I would be quite depressed, but that is not the case. I'm planning for my little man! I really hope we get to do all of this "stuff" I have planned. So here's what I've planned thus far
  • Monday- Nature class at a local nature center
  • Tuesday- Gymnastics
  • Wednesday- home school pre-school with a few other mommies (I am hosting this at our home and I am super excited about it)
  • Thursday- mommy and me class
  • Friday- home school pre-school
And starting at the end of this month Jamie will go to Sunday school instead of staying home with Pop Pop on Sunday mornings. This is kind of sad, as Jamie and Pop Pop love their Sunday mornings together, but seeing as I am now a "Discussion Group Leader" for MOPS they can still have their special time together at least a couple of times a month.
Yes its true, I am committing to something where other people are depending on me (MOPS and the home school thing.) I know the Lord has been calling me to serve and I really wasn't trying very hard to figure out what He might want me to do so He just went ahead and threw this straight in my face! I went to the meeting today to learn what exactly I'm going to be doing and I must say I am really looking forward to it. I kind of have a knack for keeping a conversation going even with people I don't know very well. I am also able to be very transparent very quickly with new people so I guess that will be good for this MOPS thing too. I am also really looking forward to sharing Jesus with other mommies. Speaking of being transparent I'll go ahead and do that now. The reason I joined MOPS in the first place (2 years ago) was so I could break out of my "Attachment Parenting" bubble that I so comfortably live in. Now that is not to say I'm looking to parent differently, I am definitely not, however I am looking to accept everyone for who they are and see all mommies the way God does. So while I love and always will love having 4 hour conversations with my cousins about natural birth, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, cloth diapering and baby wearing fantasticness, I want to loose my pre-judgment of other mommies that don't do these things. I just want to love other mothers like Jesus does. And I am much, much better than I was 2 years ago! So there's my transparency for the day! I just love being honest. It should be the law!
Well gee this turned into a bit more than just a post on planning!

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