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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Disney Day 1...

Today was a whirlwind!  We woke up super early in Dayton.  Early enough to watch the sun rise!

We got to Disney in about hour and a half.  I've always wanted to get pictures of these signs.  It so weird to see just a normal highway sign that says "Disney World."

The first day in Disney is always surreal.  Everything was still decorated for Christmas.
Life size gingerbread gazebo made out of real gingerbread of other 100% edible materials in our resort lobby. (The Boardwalk)

Never apart, if they can help it.

The Boardwalk is gorgeous, my favorite Disney resort by far.

We started out by having breakfast at Kouzzina by Cat Cora.  It was incredibly yummy and delicious.  Eric and Timmy walked over to the ESPN zone to watch the game while the rest of us took a leisurely walk though EPCOT...
First character of the trip, Marie.  Ever since Jamie met her last May he has been asking to go back and see her.  I always think it is funny how people think that young kids won't "appreciate" disney.  Jamie remembers it and loves it.

Sleeping Beauty

Belle (and Jamie's new half smile he sported for most of the pictures)

Poor little guy looks so sad in this one.

... to catch the monorail to the Magic Kingdom.
Waiting for the monorail.

First monorail ride of the trip.

Yeah!!!! We're here!!!!! I love the Magic Kingdom!

First stop, Snow White in the Candy Cane Garden!

Well it was just a wee bit crowded!  Clearly January 2nd is still Christmas here at Disney and the crowds proved that!  There wasn't really much we could ride because the lines were really out of control.  We had a yummy lunch at the Main Street Bakery and just kind of wondered around for a while.  Although wondering around in Disney World is a treat, not a chore!

Vi Vi, 11months old and first day of trying solid food, well, I guess really her second, Mommy caved and gave her a couple cherioes on the way down!  She hasn't seemed too interested yet.  Mommy's milk is definitely still number one!!!

We finally got on our first ride, a fan favorite, Cinderella's carousel, although I think they renamed it Prince Charming's carousel for some reason.

 The boys found us there and took the kids over to the teacups.  Afterward we headed over for face painting time!  Jamie was Pluto and Anabelle was Sleeping Beauty.

Next we stopped by Mickey's place since we were already in Toon Town!
Mickey's Bedroom

His closet!

Stockings hung by the chimney with care.

Kitchen remodel!

And after we went through Mickey's garden who did we meet?????

And to end the day....The best fireworks show on earth!!!!!

Our resort at night...

 And a closet full of princess dresses awaits a little princess for a week full of magic!


  1. awww that was great Erin. Thanks so much for sharing...I'm always glad to get home from any trip, but then for some reason I feel this tug at my heart to head right back to Disney again after I see all the pictures...especially of the little ones.

  2. What a great thing this blog is. It's so nice to have theses memories saved like this. Although this one doesn't really count 'cause I wasn't there yet!! HA!