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Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Leg

Well the first leg of our trip is complete and it went really well.  Jamie slept for the first 3 hours and was quite happy when he woke up.  He wanted to watch a movie and eat peanut butter crackers.  Of course he had to go pee so we stopped for a potty break and to get gas.  Then we headed to the hotel.  However 5 minutes after we stopped and peed the 2nd time and said he had to poop so we stopped at a South Carolina rest stop right on 95.  Timmy took him in with his potty seat and I waited in the car to be murdered by a rest stop killer.  However I made it out alive and we got to Florence SC around 9:30.  We ordered a pizza and I took a shower.  Jamie was an absolute maniac.  This kid loves himself a hotel room.  I think most kids do.  So exciting to be away from home!!!!  We finally got him calmed down and in bed and we were all asleep before the new year rang in.  Now we are off to Daytona where the forecast is in the high 70's and sunny!  We hope to be there by 2pm.
Happy New Year!!!!

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