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Friday, January 7, 2011

Disney Day 6

January 7, 2011
Today we tried to be the “Family of the Day” at the Magic Kingdom, seeing as we almost were the FOD 2 days ago.  While our efforts were valiant we just didn’t get there early enough, oh well.  The Magic Kingdom is certainly magical enough without being FOD.  We headed right to the Tomorrow Land Speedway this morning.  Jamie chose to ride with Ga Ga and they had a great time!  Then it was off to the Tea Cups.  Alice rode too, right in the cup next to Daddy and Jamie!!!!  How neat!  Jamie met Alice for pictures after the ride.  We also headed back to Toontown for a walk through Minnie’s house, a ride on Goofy’s Barn Stormer (which scared the living pee out of my mother, meanwhile you only have to be 35” to ride it) and we also got more pictures with the mice of honor, Mickey and Minne.  We then used our fast passes for Pooh Bear and then met up with Pinochio.  In Jamie’s words “But I never got to meet him yet!”  After hanging with Pinnochio Ga Ga took Jamie on Small World and Timmy and I headed over to ride Big Thunder and get a good spot for the parade.  I didn’t ever ride any of the Magic Kingdom Mountains until our honeymoon.  I still don’t like Space Mountain, but Big Thunder is fun and Splash Mountain is my favorite!!!!!! 
Jamie fell asleep on Small World so I gorged myself on popcorn and a carmel apple while watching the afternoon parade with Timmy and Mommy.  Wonderfuly fun!!!  Since Jamie was asleep we took time to really explore Main Street.  Timmy had a “Secrets of Disney”  app on his phone and we used it to find little details on Main Street USA that are easily over looked.  It was really nice just wondering around slowly looking at all the neat things.  We took the monorail back to the Boardwalk via EPCOT and got ready for the Hoop de Doo Revue.  It was Timmy’s first time and he LOVED it!  It was Jamie’s first time too and he loved it equally as much.  What a great dinner show.  We all had a super duper awesome time!  When we got back to the Boardwalk we waited for Timmy to pee and a juggler, magic guy came right up to Jamie gave him his own personal show!  I love Disney! 
Riding the trolly down main st!
The "Dapper Dans" getting riding to ride back up main st!

GaGa and Jamie on Buzz!

Timmy and me on Buzz!

Jamie trying to pull the sword out and yes it does come out for some!

outside minnie's

minnie's family room

her art studio

Jamie checking out minnie's fridge!

minnie's porch

minnie's garden

dole whip!!!!


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