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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Disney Day 4

January 5, 2011

Hollywood Studios

Today was a super great day.  We slept in a little this morning since Jamie napped yesterday so that was nice.  Today was Hollywood Studios day so we got Jamie all dressed up in his Toy Story gear right down to his Woody cowboy boots (thank you pop pop!)  We headed over to the studios via boat.  The park had already opened when we arrived and of course EVERYONE head straight to the Toy Story Mania ride.  When we got there the wait was already 70 minutes!!!!  So Timmy went and got fast passes and he even had to stand in line for that!!!!!!  While Timmy got fast passes we hopped in the Buzz and Woody line.  The pair came out from a door with a sign on that read “Andy’s toys only!”  Poor little man has not been the most patient wee boy as of late so its been “challenging” to convince him that “patience is a virtue.”  Buzz and Woody were of course worth the wait as usual.  Jamie showed Woody that the bottom of his boot  read “Andy” and Woody thought that was just fantastic of course.  The characters are so great.  They really make you feel like your child is the cutest most outstanding child in the universe (for the 90 seconds you get to see them!)  After Buzz and Woody we headed over to Playhouse Disney Live.  We met the Wilsons there and of course Jamie had to sit with his Anabelle.  I knew that this show was going to be one of the highlights of the trip for my baby.  He so loves all the characters from his Disney channel shows.  I cried as I watched him from the back of the theatre.  I had really wanted to sit with him and even though this is the third time he’s seen it, it was the first time this trip and I knew this was the first time we was really going to appreciate it.  He looked back for me to point out all his favorite things and songs.  Aunt Mattie kindly pointed me out in the back so he knew I was watching.  When we came out of the show Jamie got to meet his favorite little Einstein, Quincy.  He went right up to him and said “I cannot believe it!”  which is Quincy’s trademark expression.  Of course Quincy was all about it.  It is such a treasure to see Jamie’s face light up with joy.  It is better than anything I could ever receive.  We have always gone to Disney for ourselves, but now it is for Jamie.  Seeing it all through his eyes is just breathtaking.  I never got to go to Disney when I was his age, or as often has he gets to go.  He loves it everytime.  Even when he was 7 months old he loved it.  He remembers things about his last 2 trips and asks to do them again.  He just loves it and now he really appreciates it.  It will be sad to not be back for over a year, but it will be great when we get to come back again!
 After Playhouse Disney we headed over for the Beauty and the Beast show.  He sat with Aunt Gail the whole time for this one.  He was a bit scared of the beast but Aunt Gail talked him through the whole thing and he learned that the beast was really kind and then he got really sad to the point of tears when he saw everyone being mean to the beast.  While we were watching the show Timmy, Aunt Sherry and Uncle David went to ride Tower of Terror and Rockn’ Roller Coaster.  When Timmy got back and asked Jamie how he liked the show Jamie informed him that “It was kinda little scary for me.”  Then it was time to head to EPCOT to Italy for lunch at Via Napoli.  It was quite fun and yummy.  The pizza wasn’t as extraordinary as I had hoped, but we had a great time.  All the meals have been so fun too because my mom gets a cupcake and candle to blow out and happy birthday sung every time.  SO FUN!!!!!  After lunch Mommy and I walked all through France and then met everyone back for some pool time.  I wouldn’t say it was really warm enough for the pool but we had a great time anyway.  I love myself a waterslide and a hot tub.  Jamie LOVED the pool and had no idea it was about 10 degrees too cold to be in a bathing suit!  After the pool it was back to the “Studios” to ride Toy Story.  It is really the best ride in Disney, well my heart belongs to the Pooh ride, but Toy Story is really in a league of its own.  I scored 111,800 points, which I thought was fantastic but the high score is over 400,000.  Oh well.  Then we went to see Mickey.  I love Mickey.  There was hardly any line and Jamie had such an absolutely wonderful time.  He even got to see him again when Anabelle got in line.  The place was soooo empty that Mickey spend a good 5 minutes (maybe more) tickeling  and dancing with Anabelle and Jamie.  Jamie sang the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song and it was just too cute.  Mickey loved it of course!!!!!  Then we headed off to dinner at the 50’s Prime Time Café.  I stinkin’ love that place.  We made reservations right before we went over and we got sat right next to the Wilsons just by chance.  SO FUN!!!  Our waitress was a riot and completely in love with Jamie.  Disney just does everything over the top.  There’s no place like it.  When we left dinner the park was closed so it was so neat to just walk through without any crowds.  It was an awesome day and I can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow!!!!

Jamie showing Woody that the bottom of his boot says "Andy" too!

Jamie started his pressed penny collection this trip.  So neat!

This is what he did when he saw McQueen and Mater!  

Here come the Little Einsteins!!!!

Quincy's reaction when Jamie says his signiture phrase "I cannot believe it!!!"

Via Napoli!

Mommy getting her birthday flowers!

Special birthday chocolates in a chocolate box!!!!

standing in line for toy story!!!!

The Wislons at Prime Time 

Jamie and our crazy waitress!

This is really bad quality, but it was just really neat because the park was closed and we were still there!!!!


  1. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! as are the bestest Disney blogger! Thanks again.

  2. You really are a great writer!! It's like living it all over again. Very exciting!!

  3. I wanted to say that I have enjoyed the pictures and commentary! It is like I was there- in Disney with you!! I am amazed at your memory. Did you take a notepad around with you and jot down what you did each day? I can't remember what I did this morning!