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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Disney Day 3

January 4th

Today Jamie and I got up early by ourselves and were among the first 10 people to arrive to the Magic Kingdom.  Now, every morning a Disney cast member randomly chooses a family to be "family of the day."  This family is selected before 8am and is whisked away "back stage."  From there I'm not sure what happens until the opening show in which the family and all the characters arrive on the train to open the Magic Kingdom for the day.  So here Jamie and I are, all by ourselves a little before 8am at the Magic Kingdom and up walks a cast member who says to Jamie and me "Good morning! Who are you here with today?"  at that moment I knew he was selecting us for family of the day, although, my family was NOT there yet! "Oh, my husband, mother Aunts and cousins." I replied.  "Where are they?" he asked. "Oh, on there way" I answered.  Then he smiled and told me to have a fun day.  I watched him like a hawk after that.  The next family that passed by was spoken to briefly and then whisked away.  And when the train arrived who was on it right next to Mickey you ask?  Well that family of course!!!! Oh well!  Maybe next time!  We had a magical day none the less.
We rode pooh and enjoyed the new cue.  It is really awesome and Jamie just loved it!  We also rode Small World, the Carousel, Jungle Boat, Buzz Light Year, The People Mover and Peter Pan.  We ate lunch with Pooh and friends at the Crystal Palace... Oh yeah, and my baby got his very first haircut!

The Jungle Cruise!  I love this boat!  It's almost our last name!  We rode the same one last trip!!

Look at them all with their hip packs!!!!!

One of mommy's many birthday celebrations!

Waiting for his turn to get his haircut.

Tonight when Timmy was giving him a bath he freaked out when Timmy was washing his hair... "No you gonna wash my first haircut off!"  and later when I wanted to comb it, he said, "No only Mr.Michael comb my first haircut!"

Mattie was not about to have Anabelle's hair cut (I wouldn't either with my little girl) so she got "Pink and Pretty!"

This was a super special moment for me.  Just before we got on the ferry boat Jamie fell asleep.  I didn't have my ergo, but Mattie let me borrow hers.  I had not "worn" him in so long and it felt really good.

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  1. Applause! Applause! Great job again! Okay, now to Day 4!