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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Disney Day 5

January 6, 2011  Animal Kingdom

Today was kinda chilly rainy and cloudy when we woke up so we weren’t in a rush to get out too soon.  We made our way over to the Animal Kingdom around 9:30.  We got our fastpasses for the Safari and headed over to Camp Minnie Mickey to meet all the characters in their safari gear.  We met Thumper and his girlfriend Miss Bunny, Chip and Dale, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald.

And guitar Dan was there too!!!!!  We met him this time last year over at Conservation Station where he sang a fantastic song all about Jamie and Anabelle as they danced around.  Well he made another so cute song all about them again!!!!  It was sooo neat!

Then we hopped on the Safari to see all kinds of animals.

 Timmy walked the Pagnani Trail and got amazing shots of this baby gorilla, who is the same age as Violet!

We had a yummy lunch at Flame Tree and then walked over to see the tigers in Asia.

Timmy is quite sure he has a personal relationship with these Tigers.  The Animal Kingdom is his favorite park and he fell in love with "his" tigers on our honeymoon.  He tries to visit them at least twice a trip.

 We also went to Dino Land and road the Triceratops Spin.

  While we were riding we saw Pluto and Goofy together so we hopped off to get our pictures. 

The kids were really patient about waiting in lines today.  Actually Anabelle seems to be patient most of the time, Jamie is still acquiring that skill.  However if he has his Anabelle with him, Jamie is usually content.  We are going to be going through some major withdrawl at the end of the week!!  The plan after Dino Land was to head to Festival of the Lion King.  Well Jamie and Anabelle didn’t quite make it.  Anabelle fell asleep on the way and Jamie fell asleep just before it started!!! Oh well.  I loved the show.  I hadn’t seen it for a couple years.  It was fantastic.  Disney does everything the best ever.  Since Jamie was asleep we decided to head back to the Boardwalk.  He woke up in the lobby and looked at me and said “Where I am?”  It took about an hour for him to be fully awake and happy.  After he had his wits about him we headed over to EPCOT.  I love staying at the Boardwalk because you can walk right over to EPCOT or the Studios.  We rode Journey into the Imagination with Figment and then rode Living with the Land.  Then I got to eat my most favorite meal at EPCOT… beet and goat cheese salad!!!!  Yummo!!!!!  Next we headed off to The Living Seas to ride Nemo again.  It is so neat to see how much Jamie loves doing all of this and to remember back to his first 3 trips and how his reaction to things has changed.  We met up with the Wilsons after Nemo and headed over to the “ball.”  I love riding Spaceship Earth, especially since they redid it.  It’s super fun at the end where you get to create your own future.  The Wilsons headed off to watch Illuminations and we headed over to the Character Connection.  We met Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto and Goofy.  (We didn't have the camera, but got all the pictures from photopass.)  So much stink’n fun!!!!!  Jamie’s new thing is to tell the characters he has a special dance for them and to tell them to watch him.  He also likes to tickle them and ask them 5000 questions, which of course they can’t answer.  “How are you?”  “Where’s Minnie?”  “How’s Goofy?”  Then he tells them “Smile for the picture!”  He also loves to sing the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song to all of them as well.  Most of them really get a kick out of it.  After rubbing elbow with the celebrities we headed back to the Boardwalk.  We stopped in the sweet shop to get Mr. Man a strawberry ice cream.  While Jamie and I were doing that Timmy was getting me a funnel cake!!!!!!!!!!  Oh my word yummy yummy yummy!  Tomorrow is Magic Kingdom… again!  By far my favorite park.


  1. Thanks again for sparking the memories. I love it!!! And I love you!

  2. I still say that Jamie is an amazing dancer!!! Such fun. Thanks! Now on to day 6...what WILL we do when we get to the last day!! :0(