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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Disney Day 7

January 8, 2011

Wow, what a day!!!!!  We started the morning over in Hollywood Studios with a super special breakfast buffet at Hollywood and Vine.  Jamie pretty much got a personal breakfast with Oso, Manny, and June and Leo from the Little Einstiens.  For whatever reason there was hardly anyone in the restaurant and Jamie got to hold hands with all the characters and walk around the place.  My personal favorite was Oso because he is brand new and super cute.  The food wasn’t that greatest, but it was WELL worth it because Jamie had SO much fun!!!!!!  From there we watched the Playhouse Disney stage show again, met the Einstiens 2 more times and my favorite of the day…. Lotso from Toy Story 3.  He was so cuddly and huge!!! What fun!  Then we rode Toy Story Mania again and headed back to the resort so we could rest for a few hours.  Jamie was loosing it and so was I!  It was nice to take a family nap.  When we woke up we headed to the Magic Kingdom for the Main Street Electrical Parade.  It was fantastic and it was so fun to watch Anabelle and Jamie watch the parade.  Jamie gets so stinkn excited.  He points, jumps up and down and dances all around.  We rode Pirates, Small World, The People Mover, Buzz and drank tons of hot chocolate.  We stayed until park close.  Tomorrow is our last full day and according to the weather forecast we are facing a huge ice storm beginning in Georgia for the drive home.

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