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Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Busy Day!!!!

Yesterday I really tried to keep us moving, no TV, lots of learning and fun...
We measured out and started to dig our garden!!!!!

Take note of Jamie's "Olivia" pants.  Olivia the pig is very popular in our house at the moment.

shhh, dont tell the other dogs, but Wendy is my favorite!

first dandelion of the season!
We've been having fun with Humpty Dumpty stuff!

Bandaging up poor Humpty's cracks

Jamie as Humpty!  (Please note the umbrella is always close by!)

Humpty computer games

retelling the humpty poem on the felt board

reading the poem and putting it back in the right order

and of course there was plenty of time for volcano making with the science kit

Counting my blessings.

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