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Monday, April 18, 2011

Its the IMAGINATION MOVERS!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my word!  and yes its our 3rd time seeing them and I would go even if Jamie wasn't interested!  At this point I'm still more into it than he is!  This was Daddy's first concert and of course GaGa joined us as well (this was her 3rd time too!) I LOVE MYSELF SOME MOVERS!!!  (Especially mover Dave!)  This show was especially exciting because Nina was there!  Love Nina!!!!  And Choo Choo Soul with Genevieve and DC opened for the Movers!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!


and then the Movers came out!!!!

Mover Scott!


Mover Scott and Jamie!  (Mover Scott actually turned around and held Jamie's hands and danced with him for a couples seconds, but of course I missed it!)

Lovin' the Movers!

MMMMMM Mover Dave!!!!

Jamie and his (and mine) favorite Mover of all time.   Mover Daddy!

Mover Smitty!

Jamie and Mover Rich.  Jamie kept screaming "Rich, Rich Rich!"  He didn't quite get it that Mover Rich couldn't hear him.  Jamie of course assumed it was his personal play time with the "characters" like in Disney.

More of Jamie and Rich

The end!  Maybe we'll see you in Hershey next month Movers!  (or maybe just mommy will go!!!
he he he he)

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