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Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Value of Friendship

Last night we had our girls small group Bible Study.  It was really great.  The value of a good friend is simply priceless, especially when you do not have siblings. (Jamie it is our prayer you have siblings, but if you do not a good true friend is a necessity!)
The girls in our study are real... all the time.  We share most everything with each other and pray for each other during our study using "conversational prayer."  Basically it is just unscripted prayer that goes on for an unspecified amount of time that jumps from topic to topic as we feel led to pray.  It is really beautiful.
We also find plenty of time to simply talk to each other and encourage each other.  We have a genuine interest in each other's lives and care for one another deeply.  Last night the ladies were really encouraging me about Jamie.  I was talking about how I signed him up for preschool and they were just going on and on about how special he is and how his academic skills are beyond his years.  Kate referred to him as an "old soul."  I really respect their opinions.  It is an amazing thing to have your have your child so complimented by people who absolutely don't have to love your child!
It is so freeing to be around these women because they allow me to be completely myself without judgement.  They were asking me my plans for Jamie's future, education wise, and I said how silly I felt making plans anymore.  They immediately said to never feel that way with them and they wanted to hear all my plans.  That meant a lot.

God blesses us with true friends who do not judge, nor get offended by what we say so we can have "some Jesus" right here on earth.  Thank you Jesus for my true true true friends.  I have been blessed with many.

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