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Monday, April 11, 2011

A day with Mom Mom...

...and other fun stuff

Our visits with Mom Mom are rarely planned in advance, I am NOT a planner (however I am going to have to be crazy planner lady very soon!.... but not today!)  Mom Mom called this morning to see what we were up to and we told her we would be working on our garden and to come on over.  What an amazingly gorgeous day.  Halleluia and praise Jesus!  My soul needed the sunshine today and so did my little boy!  Daddy headed to the Depot to pick up materials for our garden while Jamie and Mom Mom played.

We have the neatest sink (when it works) that has a battery powered working faucet.

Watering his sandbox "garden"

Corrina lovin' the warm day!

and of course there were canoe rides... this was Timmy's father's canoe.  The two of them used to go on little canoe trips when Timmy was young.

Jamie in high play acting mode he was shouting "Mom Mom, Mom Mom your paddle's in the water, get it, its floating away!!!!" (or something to that effect.)

When Daddy got back he got straight to work digging up the rest of the sod.  Ouch, that was back breaking work for Daddy!  He did an outstanding job.  He took a fun break in the middle of his hard work to have some fun with hose!
These are the cutest pictures on the planet!!!!!!

Of course I have censored them a bit!

He was doing his best to get Mom Mom as wet as possible, who of course was fully clothed!

Clearly the boots make the outfit!

I love the determination in his face here!

After all day spent outside we headed in for an impromptu dinner.  It was great to spend the day outside and be with those we love.  God is good.
Aunt Sarah's water broke at 8pm on Saturday night, she headed to the hospital late this morning and is getting ready to push as I write this.  Can't wait to see Hannah and Mommy!

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