She felt the warmth of her mommy's womb then she felt the arms of Jesus rescue her.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Daddy Turns 32!

Daddy's birthday was March 9th (always is!)  I have no pictures :(  Poor Daddy worked on his birthday.  We woke him up with a handmade card from you, Jamie, and a gift certificate to buy some new disc golf discs.  Mom Mom gave Daddy a super nice gift certificate to Sakura so a few days later we had a date night, while Mom Mom came to sit with you (although you were already asleep!)  Daddy and I had a really good time.  Jamie when you grow up, know that is so important for you to always "date" your wife, even long after you have been married.  Its so important for the "Mommy and Daddy" to show love to each other and be happy in their marriage in order to raise a happy healthy family.  And one day all your babies will be grown up and it will just be you and your wife.  Make sure you still "know" her, who she is apart from being the mother of your children.  She was your sweetheart first and she always will be if you are purposeful about keeping your marriage healthy and strong.  I LOVE going on dates with your Daddy.  He is such a special person.  He always makes Mommy laugh and look at the lighter side of life.  He is an excellent provider and wonderful Daddy.  What a blessing he is to us!

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