She felt the warmth of her mommy's womb then she felt the arms of Jesus rescue her.

Friday, April 22, 2011

It May Be Friday But... Sunday's Comin'

Today is Good Friday.  I have never understood why it is called "Good Friday" since it was such a sad, sad day.  You died so I can live forever.  It is so deeply important to You that I am saved from being apart from You for eternity that You sacrificed Your only Son and took the blame for all my sin, all the mistakes I have made and will make.  Jesus Your love for me is so intense and so strong I will never be able to understand it in my humanness.  Jesus thank You for forgiving me always.  I know that when I come to You with a sincere heart that You open Your arms to me and love on me and then forget all that I have done to sin against You.  I need that forgiveness today.  I have done what I can to right my ways here on earth and now I need the acceptance of heaven, wether or not I receive acceptance on earth.  This is the entire reason You suffered and died.  Thank You is not enough.  I can never do anything in order to earn Your forgiveness.  You are the One who had to do the "doing."  The forgiveness I receive is only by Your grace and mercy.  Grace by definition is receiving that which we do not deserve and mercy is not receiving that which we do deserve.  Thank You for loving me.

It may be Friday, but Sunday IS coming!  You lived, You died, in 3 days You will rise, I know You are coming back again and all the earth will sing Your praises!

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