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Monday, April 4, 2011

Jamie's Party

on March 6th I think...
Aunt Erin the 800 pics of Anna are for you!  Feel free to steal 'em.

We made homemade strawberry cupcakes.  The same ones we made for  Jamie's weaning party.  They were sooooooo yummy!

If there's one thing my little man loves, its getting his face painted!  He asks me to pretend to paint his face on a daily basis!  Guess its kinda like me LOVING to have my  hair played with!

Great Grandfather Poppy checkin' it out.

Time to get our bounce on!

Oh, guess I was there too ;)

The cupcakes!!!

I have to say Mattie is the best mommy ever!  When her babies are little they are an extra appendage!!!!  She never puts them down! Perfect!

Jamie, you are my heaven on earth!

The usual suspects came back home with us after.  Jamie opened his presents with lots of help from Anabelle and Caleb.

We are so blessed!

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