She felt the warmth of her mommy's womb then she felt the arms of Jesus rescue her.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Day 2

Timmy had to work :(  Obviously when the O's are in town, Timmy is not home, but we had both decided separately that he just won't work on Easter Sunday anymore.  It just too important of a time to our family.

So GaGa, Jamie and I went to church.  Once again Jamie just did awesome.  When it was over he asked to go look at the baptistry again.  I also let him take communion with me today.  I had previously explained quite thoroughly what it meant to take communion.  And so Jamie bowed his little head and said "Jesus I believe in You" and then I let him share my communion with me.  I certainly didn't tell him to do this.  He did it all on his own.  It was pretty sweet.  I'll never tell Jamie when he has to do anything as far as his faith is concerned.  From Timmy's and other people's experiences it doesn't seem to do much  good to force a child to go to church, sunday school, CCD (if you are Catholic) or anything else "religious" (so not a fan of that word, but I"ll leave that for another time).  I'm just going to continue exemplify Jesus in our home, teach Jamie about Jesus, pray for him and from there its up to God and Jamie.

After church Jamie and I came home, had lunch, played outstide and took a nap.  (Jamie took a nap, I clean my kitchen windows!)  Timmy was supposed to be home by 7 to have dinner... more on that in a minute.  When Jamie woke up we made brownie cupcakes for Easter dessert and then started working on the yummy dinner I planned.  Well the storms forced the O's into a rain delay on top of the fact that they went 11 innings.  Needless to say our Easter dinner was just Jamie and me.  Poor Daddy came home thoroughly soaked, exhausted and ravenously hungry.  We sat with him while he at his dinner (at 9 o'clock at night).  Then we were all up to bed for stories and lights out.  Jamie now always wants to read from his Jesus Storybook Bible that Jill gave him for Christmas.  Tonight his request..."Mommy read me about when Jesus heal the little guhl (girl)."

Despite the "rain delay" this Easter was certainly a blessed one.  I really took time to evaluate how I believe the Lord wants us to live out this holiday and what that means for traditions in our home.  I'm looking forward to adding "resurrection cookies" to our list of traditions next year.  I can't say its easy to not go to WalMart and raid "Easter Town" but Jamie doesn't know the difference at this point.  Timmy and I are the only ones that know he's the only kid on the block without a basket full of candy.  Its a hard line to dance around, but for now I am comfortable with what we have chosen.  We'll see what happens as Jamie gets older, but I hope we will continue along the path we are on.

The tomb is empty...
He is alive...
And He's comin' back!

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