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Monday, September 27, 2010

Just for fun!!!!

Jamie has been out of a diaper (except for overnight) for quite sometime, I guess since May of this year.  I really dislike the phrase "potty trained" because I didn't "train" him to do anything as he is not a dog.  He decided he wanted to use the potty and so he did.  He had a few "setbacks" especially with number 2, but he did it all when he felt like it.  And yes as you can see he liked putting stickers on the wall when he was successful at number 2.  I guess some might call that training, I call it fun.  I just think it is hilarious that he loves to read on the potty while having a poo.  Here he is reading a toy catalog that came in the mail today.  I guess he's picking out what he wants for Christmas, although he has no idea that that is an option (I'll keep it that way as long as I can!)

I really don't know what goes through his head when I take his picture.  I mean he's having a "private" moment and here crazy mommy is with the camera, AGAIN!  He doesn't seem to mind!


  1. So cute - I love it! I can only imagine how red in the face he will get when he's older and you show this photo to his future wife :)