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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Leaf Rubbing

I love to do "school" with Jamie.  So even if it is not an "official" preschool day we still love learning.  Today Jamie did his first leaf rubbing and we cracked open a walnut we found at the park.  I know every kid does leaf rubbings, but this was so special to me because I was there with him when he did it.  Usually this kind of stuff happens when they are in school and I'm just so dag on happy he did his first leaf rubbing with me.  I really try to make an effort to treasure every moment I have with this child.  He is my gift.
earlier in the week we went to the park and collected leaves, acorns and walnuts, here we were sorting them

yes, i cracked this baby open myself with a knife and a hammer, lets just say it was "one hard nut to crack!"

yes, its blurry, but its the only picture i got of him "planting" his walnut tree.

FYI shelling walnuts stains your hands, for a long time!!!

His first leaf rubbing.

He got the concept pretty quickly.  We talked about the front and the back of the leaf.  How it felt (smooth and bumpy) and that the back of leaf has veins.

Ta Da!!!!

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