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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Week in Review

Our weeks are getting progressively busier and somehow my house is getting progressively cleaner!  I know it sounds strange, but I am such an unorganized person that when structure is forced upon me, my family benefits. 
Monday... My first night of MOPS.  It went great.  I am blessed to have a super table of girls that I am really looking forward to getting to know better.  Jamie spent the evening with Daddy and Mom Mom.  I fixed a fantastic dinner for them (not my recipe, but oh so yummy!) and was out the door.  They weren't even home when I got back! They were all at Kohl's shopping for an interview outfit for Daddy.  When they arrived Jamie had a new "Thomas" in hand thanks to Mom Mom and Daddy had new clothes.  I will interrupt here and say Timmy had an interview on Tuesday afternoon with a new production company (new to us, not new to the business.)  Yesterday he got an email saying the "loved him" and now, God willing, he will have plenty of work for the winter and I will not have to be as pressed to find a way to bring money in.  God is faithful.  He always come through.  If we do as He instructs He will bless us.  God always keeps his promises.
Tuesday... Jamie's first day of gymnastics.  In this class parents watch from a window outside of the classroom.  The kids can see the parents too.  He was having so much fun!  I noticed him running up to the teacher every few minutes to ask her something, but we can't hear whats going on we can only see.  But at one point I was able to read his lips and I saw that he was asking for me.  He wasn't upset (at that point anyway).  Then he noticed that he could see me through the window, which seemed to make him very happy.  Until about 5 minutes later when he had a meltdown.  I went to the door,(which he was running out of) and talked to him.  I went back in the room and sat down with him and we watched the class together.  I encouraged to go back over and participate which he did.  For some reason he was fine with me standing by door, but not the window.  Whatever works!
Later that night we had family playtime in the play/school room.  Daddy and Jamie were super heroes!
Wednesday... We got up ate some breakfast and decided to go for a long walk.  Our first stop was our neighborhood park.  The plan was to play and collect leaves and acorns for a school project.  

showing off his acorn

Timmy decided to bring Wendy along which distracted Jamie from his collection assignment, oh  well.

We ventured behind the park into a little wooded area where we were greeted by a friendly neighbor who kindly told us to leave as we were on private property, so we trotted back to the park to continue our adventure.  From there we took a long walk through the wooded part of our neighborhood to Poppy's house.  We had a nice visit there and headed back for lunch and nap.  After nap it was time for a tour of the Bel Air Fire Department with our toddler group.  This was a huge success and Jamie loved it! 

Fire Fighter Adam showing us his equipment.

Fire Fighter Daddy explaining how the water comes out of the truck.

God willing he will never be on an ambulance again!

He was talking to Fire Fighter Adam "What we do next?"

the whole group!
We went out for a quick dinner and then Mommy headed to Yoga class with GaGa (this is mommy's new adventure and its working out quite well)  Jamie had a mini meltdown before I left, but was happy as a clam after Daddy gave him a lollipop.  (I am sticking to my "no leaving while baby is crying" belief).  That night there was a short but strong thunderstorm so all the dogs decided to head to the bathroom for Jamie's bath.  Daddy rode Corrina and Jamie rode Marvin before getting cleaned up.

Thursday... Jamie and Mommy did Yoga together this morning and then we were off to FUNdamentals.

Tomorrow he has free play at "My Gym."  Next week starts our first full week of activities everyday.  Monday will be the first day of nature class and Wednesday and Friday will be pre-school.  I am really excited and so is Jamie.  He asks everyday "My friends comin today?"

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  1. Now the picture that should have been included was you putting the dogs in the tub with Jamie- that would have been priceless!!! I love the picture of him laughing with the basket on his head- and him in the fire truck (he looks so excited and interested in everything going on!). I as well hope he never is on an ambulance again!