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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday School... Week 2

Well little baby man did not have such a good go of it this week. He was excited to go. I got him all dressed up again, new pants and new shoes, combed his hair so he looked as handsome as he could and off we went. We met Ga Ga in the parking lot and headed in. Again we were the first to arrive in the classroom, there was a different teacher this week, but I guess I shouldn't have expected it to be the same teacher since people are volunteering their time. Jamie didn't seem to mind anyway. He was happy and we gave kisses and I left. But then about 45 minutes later they put his number up on the screen (it was the only number that had been put up) in fact I didn't even see it right away, I only noticed after my mother gave me a swift slap to the leg and pointed to the screen. So I ran (well walked with urgency) to his room. He and another little boy were sitting on the teacher's lap crying their little eyes out. I came in and picked him up. Of course the first thing I said to the teacher was "What happened?!" Apparently he couldn't find a toy that he had been playing with and he just went into a downward spiral from there. I sat with him for a while on the rug. He really didn't want to participate any longer and was asking to nummy so we rolled out. However, on the way out the door "Mr.Mike" gave him a lollipop which won out over nummy. I heard everyone rockin' out back inside the "New Life Center" (our church) so Jamie and I both went back in and sang with Ga Ga. He sat completely quiet through communion and offering. Then he said "chuch ova now?" and I said "Yes Church is over now." He was still kind of sad in the car and then when I looked back at him he was asleep.
(still wearing his little name tag)
I guess he was just a little sleepy this morning and needed to be close to mommy. Suits me!

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