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Friday, September 10, 2010

Today's School Project

So yesterday we went to the zoo and today we are starting to write our book about our day. Mommy printed a bunch of pictures for our book. Then we tried to remember all the animals we saw. Jamie listened to Mommy slowly say the name of the animal and he said the first letter of the animal's name. We found some of the letters on our wall and our alphabet poster. "E" for elephant was a hard sound to remember. But then we remember that egg starts with e and Jamie found the egg on his ABC poster. (I'm using the Orton Gillingham method to learn vowel sounds. It really worked with my kindergartners when I taught.) Jamie worked on writing some of the letters and writing his name. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff!!!! I'm sure I'm in complete fairy land of our home school journey, but I can love it while its good right? Tomorrow we will continue labeling pictures from our trip and continue working on our book. (Yes, even though its Saturday, Daddy doesn't work "normal" hours so neither do we!!)

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