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Sunday, September 19, 2010

A month of Sunday School

Well today makes 4 weeks of Sunday School for the baby man, and unfortunately it just keeps getting worse.  I really thought he was ready because the first day went so well, but he's not and that's ok.  I am in total support of letting children do things in their own time and if this is not Jamie's time to start Sunday School I have to accept that.  Now, I am not totally giving up, I am thinking of some other options, one of them being me as the Sunday School teacher.  Also, I may consider going to an earlier church service because by the end of the 11:30 service Jamie is ready for a nap and I think this may be contributing to his insecurity.  Anyway, for documentation purposes and a look at REAL life, here is what happened this morning...
We spent the night at my parents' house because Jamie had been asking to spend the night at "Pop-Pop and Ga-Ga's house" for a while now.  It pretty much began as soon as he woke up, "I not want to go to Sunday School.  It not fun."  "I go to big Church with you."  Then my dad left to go running "I go with Pop-Pop."  Then I try to get him dressed.  "I not wear that to Sunday School."  When we finally got to Church my mom and I walked him back to his room.  "I not like this room."  "I go to a different room."  "Mommy you stay with me?"  After a half hour I was able to leave, but I didn't have a good feeling about it.  Last week when the actual lesson started he was good to go.  Jamie loves learning and can be engaged easily.  Well this week there was no lesson.  It was a different teacher and she did not know what to do.  I am not at all criticizing here.  These people volunteer their time and there is really no room for complaints in my opinion.  If I want something "better," than like I mentioned early I may volunteer and be the teacher myself, I just don't know if I can handle another commitment right now.  So anyhoo back to the story, I sat down in church for literally 30 seconds and his  number was up on the screen.  Ok, well here I go trotting back out after just trotting in a half hour into the service.  He was a mess.  The teacher was handing him out over the baby gate to someone "in charge" when I came down the hallway.  We went right into the nursing room at his request (which is usually empty *sigh*).  They have the sermon on a TV in there so I was able to hear a little bit of it.  But then Jamie was getting very curious about all the babies screaming their heads off in the nursery.  "Why that baby crying" me-"Because their Mommies are in big church and they want them."  Don't worry I'm not going off on a rant now... So we left the nummy room and I spent the rest of the service hanging out in Sunday School with Jamie.  We left a little early to grab a  volunteer application (as I was getting the application Jamie could hear the music and started dancing all around saying "Jesus dancing! Jesus dancing!" perhaps He was!) and then we went into big Church with Ga Ga.  When we first walked in Jamie said "oh that beautiful!"  We finished out the service and got in the car at which point he had a melt down and cried the entire way back to my parents' house.  Then he cried most of the way home.  Then it took my an hour to get him to sleep for his nap.  And now I'm blogging.  The end.

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