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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Last Day of "Staycation"/ Homeschool Field Trip

So today we went to the National Zoo (The Smithsonian National Zoological Park in Washington DC). The weather was beautiful, I packed some PB&J and off we went. This zoo has FREE admission and it isn't really comparable to the Baltimore Zoo, it is pretty fantastic, not Disney quality, but very good indeed. However, to park for a day is $20 BUT we didn't have to pay!!! We left after closing time and there was no on there to take our money! We had lots of fun!!!
Our first stop was the "Kid's Farm." Of course this was Jamie's favorite. Jamie is investigating his favorite part of a cow (and me for that matter!)
Checking out the AlpacasInto the Amazon we go...

These rooms make me really excited for future home school field trips in late elementary and middle school. They are full of information on the Amazon!

Really neat hanging earth!!! Very cool for older kids hungry for learning!

My little scientist exploring Amazonian buggies!

Learning about frogs of the rain forest ... ok never mind, he's just pushing lots of buttons 'cause pushing buttons is fun!!!!

Playing in the "Pizza Garden"mmmmmm giant mushrooms!
Now these guys are just cute!!!
Jamie being a prairie dog! Unfortunately this was short lived because another dear child was being a dinosaur instead of a prairie dog and roared in Jamie's face at which point Jamie ran to me asking for nummy.
DunzoSo for some reason after he fell asleep I really really wanted to recline his stroller so he'd be laying down. Every time I tried to do this he woke up. After about the 4th time I did it, he was ticked and demanded to nummy. The weaning is really going super!
"Reading" about the elephants.The "Cayman Islands Iguana" posed for me!Fun in the misterOur last stop of the day, was the same as our first, "The Kid's Farm." All the animals had been put in the barn for night night.
After we left the zoo we headed over to Chevy Chase for a bite to eat. Then we checked out a toy store and got kicked out because they were closing so we headed to the Barnes and Noble to play for a while. Baby boy fell asleep in the car. God is good.

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