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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tis the Season for Festivals!!!!

And let me tell you, I love myself a fall festival  our list this year is ...
  • The Stepping Stone Museum's Fall Harvest Festival (see pictures below!)
  • The Darlington Apple Festival
  • The Harford Fall Fest
  • The Herferd Fall Festival (not to be confused with the previous!)
  • The Jerusalem Mill Fall Festival
Yes I am all about it!  I don't know if we will make it to all of them but we WILL try! 
Last year we took Mom Mom to the Stepping Stone Festival.  This year we took Ga Ga.. in the RAIN no less!  It did clear up after about an hour or so.  We had lots of fun!!!!
decorating his pumpkin

the "farmer" showing Jamie how to de-kernel his corn

and after all the kernels popped of the husk he got to dig a prize out of the kernel bucket!

making a doll out of his corn husk

and then he saw this and nothing else mattered!

the first of our FOUR tractor rides!

This is the tractor driver... Jamie-"Are you Old MacDonald?"
The driver- "Well I'm old alright!"

everything is right with the world when there is a tractor nearby!

more talking with "Old MacDonald"  I guess it would be like if I got to talk to oh I don't know, Prince William maybe?

In the farm house... she's making butter

bath time anyone?

making apple cider

his first time bobbing for apples!!!!

tractor ride #2

mmmmmmmm I love myself some festival food, especially the spinning potato!

more apple cider making

me trying to be a photographer... not so much I know, but I tried

me-"Can I see your handsome smile please?"


no, your HANDSOME smile!

ok now we're getting close!

oh well good enough!

"Holy smokes here come the tractor AGAIN!!!!"

waiting in the really long line for the 3rd or 4th tractor ride of the day!

and we're back on the tractor!

Jamie was all about the band!  He is watching them intently here with Ga Ga.

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